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Even Furthur

August 20 - August 23, 1999

Drop Bass Network in association with
Vibeonauts and a little help from our friends...

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All in all it's just another brick in The Wall / a thematic musical happening. Smitten recording artists...

Punk Floyd

...have landed LIVE in their first ever North American appearance direct from the London underground

a mysterious supergroup shrouded in secrecy taking the acid techno sound in completely new directions and defining the cutting edge of experimentalism in homage of the English 70's & 80's psychedelic heroes
also appearing from the acid.scene of London for the acid.headz of the Midwest:

DDR live

Stay Up Forever, Smitten, Cluster, Chocis Chewns

part 1 - daddy what d'ya leave behind for me
(the underground sound of driving bass, percussion and a growling 303)


Geezer live

Stay Up Forever, Routemaster, Boscaland, Bionic Orange part 2 - hey teacher leave us kids alone (while we rock the custard with avin' it acid techno and trance)

Chris Liberator

Stay Up Forever, Cluster, Routemaster, Noom part 3 - no don't think i'll need anything at all (except speaker freakin' mind tweakin' excitement on the dance floor)

hardcore / techno / trance:

DJ Scud

South London Ambush balancing power, intent, and substance with a mix of sonic textures filling the gap between orthodox and avant-garde

Noise Creator

Dresden, Germany Suburban Trash, SixSixtySix, RRR, Brutal Chud hardcore noise reminiscent of the sound blasts at ground zero during a bombing run


Los Angeles Biohazard a versatile household name who's countless mixtapes include everything from progressive to epic to goa

Stewart Walker live

Washington DC/Atlanta Tresor, Force Inc, Mosquito, Matrix light handed and fresh minimal techno that lets the rhythm's subtlety speak for itself

Dave Olson & Scott Radke live

Minneapolis HiPass Music, Analog, Parotic dark minimal displaced techno that is adventurous and utterly infectious


Detroit Aphasic Press acidio amigo with the fresh acetates


Minneapolis Intellephunk


Chicago N-Joy techno

Tommie Sunshine

Atlanta Xylophone Jones record player


Milwaukee Dr0p 6as2 N3tw0rk

Dr. Evil

Mankato total nuclear annihilation

Michael Knight

Columbus kickin' happy beats

Thomas Robinson

Chicago Hoodlums, Karma Prod.

Demetri Nocturnal

Kenosha Positive Thinking, AM Records

Paul Matthew

Milwaukee Amnesia Recordings

Kimberly Nyx

Milwaukee Drop Bass Network


Madison Guardians of Eden


Minneapolis a secret being told

house / drum and bass / downtempo:

Ron Trent

Chicago/New York Prescription, Distance, King Street, Clairaudience creator of the emotive ďAltered States' classic, these days he's heralded around the world for his sublime percussive African influenced deep house

dj Falcon

Paris, France Roule' Records first Midwest appearance from this member of the highly regarded Daft Punk Parisian collective who continue to change the face of house as the world knows it

Miss Honey Dijon

New York City Twilo, Industry a wicked drag queen playing funky ass New York house that's a screamin' club sensation behind the decks

Justin Long

Chicago Lush, Gramaphone, IHR jack supreme who's movin' on up to a apartment in the sky

Mystic Bill

Chicago HPS, VibeAlive, MoWax, Relief veteran favorite that rocks all flavors of house


Chicago Supreme, Dance Mania, UC, IHR funky dooky booty ghetto bass from the Southside


Minneapolis Flatscience, Allied Substructure aggressively jazzed technical d.n.b

Bad Company

London Bad Company, Prototype aka Future Forces and Fresh-N-Vegas...simply put these guys are stirrin' up some serious shit and currently runnin' tings on the drum and bass scene


Chicago Sequence, Surgical groovy as hell heavy hitting acid step


Chicago Strictly Jungle, CHA from when it was called jungle


Appleton Max Music, REACT America tripped out funky space and bass


Milwaukee Untouchables, Revolutions across the board drum and bass


Madison Erotishock impeccable mix of tribal tech house


Milwaukee Solid State smokin' in the boys room

Craig Alexander

Chicago Dust Traxx from tracky to techy


Madison MWBass Continuum

Catch 22

Portland hard electro bass

Oscar McMillan

Chicago straight up house jack


Madison who stole my cd player?

B23B & Thachmo

Milwaukee Splinter Sound ambient and a live violin

TJ Richter

Milwaukee planet of the apeman i am the walrus


Madison Eucalyptus downtempo dude


mu.sick - pushing the limits of electronic evolution Even Furthur

Friday Night LIVE (11pm-8am)
History of the FuturE (Minneapolis)


Richard Devine

Atlanta Schematic Records, Warp vibratory disturbances never heard by human ears

Lost In Translation

Minneapolis History of the FuturE, Meme, Diskono, Fusetron mystery out(breaks) of static

Psonic Pfistpfuck

Mnpls/Madison History of the FuturE a collision of nightmares vividly realized


Minneapolis Ghetto Safari, Low Res, Hangars Liquides exploring the industrial.break.jungle.punk core

Venetian Snares

Winnipeg, Canada History of the FuturE aggressive splintered schizophrenic breaks

Radar Threat

Minneapolis History of the FuturE, Lo-fi Evil uncharted territory mapped while you melt


Minneapolis, SunShip sick late-nite click

Brad Kraft

Minneapolis unexpected replies to eternal questions

dj Fanjo

Conceptual Chaos navigating the cratered surface of extreme sound


Saturday Night LIVE (11pm-8am)

Struggle Inc. (Chicago)

rock and roll suicide ver. 2.0b


London/Redneck Amerikkka Rephlex, r3q, Punjab Painters gabber pop speed garage rabbit murder

Push Button Objects

Miami Chocolate Industries, Schematic, Skam beats fused with catchy melodies & challenging sound manipulations


New York Caipirinha Music abstract percussives backed by vast orchestration

H.A.L.O. Vessel

Miami Audio Electric post Miami Vice deconstructive electronics

Salvo Beta

Chicago Endpoint Recordings a weave of noises that abuse and tickle the ear


Chicago Endpoint Recordings popsong melodies and intricate rhythmic chatter

CNS Engineering

Portland Outward Music Co. synapse to speaker to sneaker synchronization

dj Warp

Chicago People of Rhythm lush abstract beat freakin downtempo

dj Josh Werner

Chicago Atmospheric Audiochair, Gramaphone layers of flowering drones and ambiance

rock to punk to funk to reggae:

Open Air ALIVE stage
Saturday noon-11pm

Aquaphonic Recording artists

sQuiShY vs. Frequency Lab

Chicago phuture electro acid rock dub from the jungle that house built

Project Y

Milwaukee thirteen piece istoric regee


Milwaukee straight up punk rock


Milwaukee creamy power pop

Aunt Beaph

Milwaukee the cigarette after sex


Milwaukee a quirky flavor all their own


Chicago rock and roll electro

Midwest D.I.Y. systems represents:

Everyday noon to midnight


Vibeonauts / N-Joy - Chicago

  • Paul Anthony
  • John B.I.D.
  • Thumper
  • Frank Q
  • Nosmo
  • Mindbender


Mushgroove Hardcore Chicago

  • Frankie Vega
  • Sonic Boom
  • J Lunatic
  • Matt Druid
  • Phil Free Art
  • Devastating Dennis


Massive - Milwaukee

  • Doormouse
  • Dica
  • Anonymous
  • .com
  • Davros
  • Unibomber
  • Stuntrock
  • Low Fidelity
  • Fishead
  • HiSpdChase
  • Meat returns
  • Mark Verbos


Dynamic Groove - Milwaukee

  • Dan X
  • Deepstar
  • Jay-C
  • Helix
  • Steven Kaye
  • Storm


In House - Milwaukee

  • Kurt Stephens
  • So Low
  • Why-B
  • J Slim
  • Angelus
  • Dong


Madlove - Madison

  • Matt Michaels
  • David Prime
  • Techno B
  • Nee High
  • Miss Hollie
  • Lovecraft


Urban Guerrilla / Allied Substructure - Minneapolis

  • Arjay Ketamine
  • Mr. Science
  • Fleak
  • Scam
  • Spree
  • DVS1


HiPass Music / Solus / Fuse - Minneapolis

  • Mindstrom
  • Aaron Gates
  • Isaac Anthony
  • Paul Birken
  • Avian
  • Paperback


Karma / Digital Perceptions - Iowa

  • dj Alert
  • Jeff Ro
  • Misshugga
  • Cpt. Fat Jack
  • ACG3
  • Matthew Fountain


FUNK enterprises - Indianapolis

  • Tim Krochalk
  • Jeffree Dee
  • Max
  • Strange Loop
  • Nate the Natural
  • Matt Aiden