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We interrupt your day for this special announcement...

DROP BASS NETWORK presents the re-union


a midwest family event
Friday May 28 - Monday May 31, 1999 (rain! or shine?)
the Middle of Nowhere in Rural Southern Wisconsin


Richie Hawtin / Windsor, Canada / Minus
decks, effects, and a 909 - here to there and back again

Clark Warner / Detroit / Minus
mending your minds after the Hawtin experience

D.A.V.E. the Drummer / London, UK / Stay Up Forever, Cluster, Smitten, Amnesia
the underground London sound, 'avin it acid techno and trance

Ganesh / Los Angeles / Biohazard Productions
hard driving psychedelic cyber trance

Dylan & Facs / London, UK / Biotic, Droppin Science, Fuze, Juice, Trouble on Vinyl, Renegade Hardware
bringin the fat beats and rollin basslines

Manu Le Malin / Paris, France / Bloc 46, IST, Industrial Strength
extreme hardcore mixed with extreme skills

Eye-D / The Netherlands / Ghetto Safari, Kultbox, Mokum
call it a gabberjunglewar

Justin Long / Chicago / Teamsters
if the tents a rockin, don't come a knockin; jack is back

Jevon Jackson / Chicago / For Soul Only
soul supplyin spiritually uplifting deep house

Nick Nice / Madison / Nice Musique
nick at nite is everyone's favorite

Paul Anthony / Indiana / Discolicious, Eco Bass

Kid Entropy live / Chicago / Semiconscious, Cosmic Breaks, Canvas

Ry-n & MC Blackeye / Chicago / Sequence, Surgical

Drone / Minneapolis / Bassment, Electric Music Foundation

Synergy / Milwaukee / Solid State, Massive

Dan Efex / Chicago / alien disko funk

Jordan / Milwaukee / turntable terrorist

Tod / Madison / sunrise serenade

TJ Richter / Milwaukee / multimedia madman

and introducing...

Nee High . Druid . Synic . Sassafrass Blue . Luis Aguilera

DIY Sound Camps:

Drop Bass SubKulture - Milwaukee
Jethrox . Kimberly Nyx . Steven Kaye . Eric B . Arjay Ketamine . Spree

Dynamic Groove - Milwaukee
Deepstar . Helix . Dan X . Mishugga . Jay-C . Storm

Massive Magazine / Johnny Cash 5000 - Milwaukee
Mark Verbos . Tommie Sunshine . Doormouse . Unibomber . Psonic PhistPhuck . Dica

In-House Collective - Milwaukee / Radiant Creations - Madison
Why-B . J Slim . Morse Code . Kurt Stephens . So Low . Dong

Solus / Fuse / HiPass Music - Minneapolis
MAUD . Mindstorm . Isaac Anthony . Paul Birken . Aaron Gates . FlyJinx

Urban Guerrilla / Soul Theology / Allied Substructure / Form - Minneapolis
Madkid . Cisko . Mr. Science . Fleak . Wonderboy . Alias

-Our vision of the nature and scope of Little Furthur includes limited DIY sound camps. Please respect that there is not an open invitation to sound systems...Gear up for Even Furthur.

-Everyone is encouraged to let those freak flags fly and push the limits of our surreal community through expressions of creativity and theme camps.

For the senses...

concert sound : badger audio

custom inteli-lights : badger lighting / headlights

multiple laser spectacle : light fantastik

sun/ moon & atmosphere : god & mother nature

the Furthur burning man / burn anything ceremony

free radio Furthur:

Returning to guide you furthur from the corporate sound of radio, 107.7fm--Furthur Radio--will send the sound of Furthur radiating through the festival. Tune in to hear live DJ's, along with party info, weather, and maybe your voice. So find our antenna for a chance to speak your mind on the air. Furthur Radio will be radically different from any radio you've known before.

Ticket Information:

Tickets for Little Furthur can be purchased in advance for $30.00 from Monday May 17th until Wednesday May 27th only at the ticket locations below. This one price includes all four days of entertainment, camping, parking, etc. for a single Furthur participant. Right of admission is reserved. Counterfeit tickets are the purchasers responsibility. Charge by phone mailorder tickets are available through Revolutions from the 17th-24th with a $5.00 per order (not per ticket) surcharge/handling fee. Call 414-777-3998 for reserve ticket possibilities.

VERY IMPORTANT - Little Furthur is limited admission! There will only be 2000 tickets total available for this event. Once they are gone that's it. There is a good possibility of a sell-out in advance. Get your tickets early to not be left disappointed.

Revolutions - 524 N Water St, Milwaukee : 414-347-1141
Massive Records - 2844 N Oakland Ave, Milwaukee : 414-906-1751
Nice Musique - 702 E Johnson St, Madison : 608-250-6423
Alias - 510 W College Ave, Appleton : 920-830-8244
The Kooler - 2400 Rapids Drive, Racine : 414-638-1131
Untitled - 2705 N Clark St, Chicago : 773-404-9225
Groove Shop - 1447 Charles St, Rockford : 815-229-7375
Cynesthesia - 203 Elroy St, Minneapolis : 612-824-7126

Guest list? Sorry, not at Furthur. Everyone should expect to pay.

Come Prepared!:

Little Furthur takes place on a very rural outdoor setting for 72 straight hours. You must be prepared to camp and cope in extreme conditions for the entire duration you plan to stay. Things to make you a happy camper include a sleeping bag, tent, food, plenty to drink, backpack, extra clothes, flashlight, grill, bug spray, sun block, drums, toys, first aid and sharing & caring good vibes. Only very minimal concessions and amenities will be available on site. Do not bring fireworks, weapons, or bad attitudes. No in and out privileges from the festival site will be available.

Little Furthur is an alcohol and drug free event! You should know this is going to be an extreme experience. We strive for an environment that is fun, yet safe for all. Stupidity can not be tolerated. Sales of alcohol, controlled substances and nitrous oxide are illegal, unwise and unwelcome!

Security-parking attendants-gate personnel will all be identifiable by event staff shirts. These people are there to make the event run smoothly and most importantly to help you.

Due to the shroud of secrecy surrounding the location of the site and the fact that we don't want anyone arriving prior to noon Friday we can't release the direction information before Friday morning. And because we are on site as of Thursday without any electricity or computers or modem access we will not be able to get the directions to you via this website or the internet. You will need to call one of the following voicemails to get direction information. Good luck, drive safe and see you on the other side...

who/what/where/when/why and how do i go Furthur?


These lines are your factual source for Little Furthur information and will be updated accordingly.

If you are interested in vending please call 414-777-3998 to let us know. You must register in order to vend anything, no exceptions.

travel times in hours:

Madison-1, Milwaukee-2, Rockford-2, Fox Valley-2.5, Cedar Rapids-2, Chicago-3, Minneapolis-5, Indianapolis-6.5, Detroit-8, St. Louis-8, Columbus-9.5

a Drop Bass Network / Support Squad produkt...thank you midwest usa!

Even Furthur - end of summer midwest hootenanny - August 20-23, 1999 - Drop Bass Network with a little help from their friends.