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sunday december 31 {2000}
7:00pm to 6:00am
four complete rooms of music
all ages - all night - all out


when it comes to absolute madness on the 1200's without a doubt two names stand out...

Mark EG London_Blackout Audio, Bonzai, Cluster, M8/Wax
At every Furthur festival one artist stands above the rest and in 2000 it was hands down this techno lunatic. The response he gets out of the crowd is like nothing you've ever experienced. We usually don't bring djs back so soon, but you asked for it. demanded it!

dj Swamp Los Angeles_Decadent
Who doesn't know this guy? 96 US DMC Champion, dj for Beck, recorded with Morcheeba & Crystal Method, remixed the Beastie Boys, appearances on Letterman & Leno, records his own battle records, and seen in just about every music magazine. What's he all about? Sick-ass turntablism, that's what!

bangin' the beats - gotta have house, music...

Halo San Diego_Siesta, Moody, Catalyst, Bloom
A Windy City native who's setting the world on fire! Together with Hipp-E he's H-Foundation, together with Angel Alanis he's Trunkids, together with Terry Mullan he's Speaker Phreaker, and together with a pair of turntables he's one fresh and exciting dj who still gives it up for his old stompin' grounds.

Kenneth Graham Los Angeles_Plastic City, Distant Music, Immigrant
As a producer Kenneth's tracks are infinitely nuanced, combining equal elements of mind and machine, for a clinical and funky tech house sound that is instantly recognizable to all. He expresses his vision of the world through djing, a realm that is as important to him as producing.

the drum and the bass, a rumblin' the place...

L Double north of London_Flex, Rinse Out, Rollers
L Double is undoubtedly one of the forefathers of the underground drum and bass movement. His Flex Records is about complex breakbeat soundscapes, resonating deep precision with funk so dark it couldn't be from anyone else. On NYE expect that and more from this selecta.

Sifu San Francisco_Thermal Recordings
We just can't seem to get enough of those West Coast drum and bass bad bwoys. This time out we went straight to the Don of the label runnin' things Stateside. What will Sifu have with him? An all dubplate dj set best described as intoxicating!

something for your mind and for your soul...

Dave Trance New York_Caffeine, Sm;)e
A Milwaukee favorite returns. This man rocks high energy music for crowds that have included the legendary Caffeine nightclub in NYC, Toronto's famous Destiny events, as well as other high profile events around the globe. His name says it all, prepare for trance.

Grover Seattle_Eve, Infrared, Global Energy Music
His trip is an exhilarating rhythmic exchange of relentless beats and melodic soundscapes. A Midwest favorite for years. Grover's latest CD "An EVEning of Trance" is an epic mix of pure trance pleasure. Tuesday nights listen to him live on

slammin' sounds purpose made for large speaker systems...

Andrei Morant aka Jack Mackrel Houston_Planet Rhythm, Template, Blue Line
With bangin' tracks on some of the most respected labels in the business it's no surprise Andrei's releases find their way into the record bags of techno djs around the world. When he's djing you can expect his same high standards will apply.

Rotator Paris_Peace Off, Ambush
"Daddy, what's it going to be like in the future?" This is it junior! A soundtrack of digital bass and breaks. Avantgarde hardcore industrial punk noise from the Anarckick Kaos Computer Team. Babylon will fall. C'mon punXXX, jump around!


Midwest rave heroes

Jes One
Shop ROCKtown's favorite house dj is becoming the Midwest's favorite dj, period.
Paul Anthony
Soon we'll all be saying, "we knew Paul back when he played little ol' house parties".
Stan Doublin
St. Louis_Kindred Groove
One of the favorite house jocks in the city with the arch makes the trek up north.
A tech steppin' favorite keepin' Chi-town on the drum and bass map.
acg3 aka the Goat
Cedar Rapids
Digital Perceptions
The natural born 1 rippin' beats from the bowels of hell.
Frankie Vega and dj Loki
Chicago_Blue Line, Hot Jams
One part techno terrorist and one part battle dj combine to "Push Tha Button".
Project:PH612 {live} featuring
Centrific, Cadre, & MK Ultra

Intellephunk, Redfield Sound
Minneapolis PunkRock Techno PHunk Bastards
Doormouse {live}
dj Anonymous

Milwaukee_Addict, Distort
one PC + two 1200's + two headbangin' freaks = a whole lotta whoop ass!
Miss Hollie
Chicago via Madison
Deceptikon Unit

Back home for the MadTowne family to grace the place with her sweet progressive sounds.


and the local showcase

Mike G.
up and coming techno jock
rock 'em sock 'em techno machine
D.V.S. 1
lowridin' badass techno pimp
Kent Christopher
bust out the confetti and noisemakers
Christian James
a new standard for house in mpls
Isaac Anthony
funky ass tech house prankster
funky vocal loops and rare disco grooves
pumpin' the bumpin' funked out house
Brandon S.
tape slang'n, basslines are bang'n
Casey Baldwin
Appleton_Barely There
mood setting trance guru
Nick Kick
Madison_Order of the Trance
a rare journey through the gridwork
Demetri Nocturnal
Kenosha_Positive Thinking
break on through to the other side
pixel popin' power lounge...
TJ Richter_multimedia live act
recharge yer buzzin' battered batteries with hi! verbal vision voltage
Hadji and Azrael
Minneapolis_Deviant Nation
second and a half coming
- the afterhours...
Madre Estrella
(dj Mom and dj Star)


check out the complete talent schedule and musical journeys



Quiet...that's what a big event is without big sound.
Come on feel the Noize!

_Minneapolis sized Wall of Sound, this is how we rock
Badger_it's a tradition, heroic sized banks of speakers and amps

Laser beams and color schemes, optic fibers to take you higher.
Light Fantastik
_setting the night on fire with light from heaven
Laboratories_mega watt argon laser slicing the atmosphere

Look, up in the sky, it's a bird, it's a plane, no it's...freaky???
Brain Farmer_mystical eye masseur, beyond fashion, bad mousketeer
Koala_from the fields of their farm to the fields of your dreams

Transforming an institutional space into a themed fantasy playground.
Kokopanti & the Support Squad


Security: Expect the standard expo style search at the door (empty pockets, pat down, etc.) by our firm but friendly rave experienced professional security. NO drugs, alcohol, carry ins, markers, or bad vibes. Sales or use of controlled substances are illegal, unwise, and tolerance. For your peace of mind paramedics will also be available on site.

Parking: Plenty of low cost secure parking available in an illuminated lot located right smack dab in front of the venue.

Amenities: Clean bathrooms, running water, food and beverage concessions open all night.

This is an Alcohol and Drug Free event.
"What! A new years eve without alcohol?" Before you cry "foul!", think about the intense scrutiny our culture has gone through in the past four months. We can use this opportunity to positively effect the public image of raves by gathering peacefully in mass like always and dancing the night away.
Let's show the world once and for all...
It's About the Music!


For event information get in touch with the Second Coming promoters:

Drop Bass Network







For vending reservations / guest list requests / press passes / facility information call our industry line 414-777-3998 or email We will get back in touch with you to confirm all granted requests. Absolutely NO walk up vending or guest list. NO EXCEPTIONS.


Ticket Information_Directions_Hotel Accommodations

Advance tickets on sale December 08th through 30th

The Second Coming takes place at the Alliant Energy Center Exhibition Halls A/B/C
1919 Alliant Energy Center Way, Madison Wisconsin - directions

Looking for a place to stay? Check out the list of nearby hotels.'s a Tradition!



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