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: oh brother, the return of the mighty techno pagan ritual :



one decade
the 10 year anniversary of Drop Bass Network!



M I L W A U K E E  a r e a
Saturday, June 29th, 2002
dusk til dawn : all ages



a then and now cast of talent

Brooklyn : Sonic Groove

Our first experience with Adam X was in '92 at a warehouse event called Groove Year in Chicago. That night he was droppin' bombs like it was D-Day. The music was so hard, so dark, and so good! Later that year our musical course was changed forever after attending the last Storm Rave in New York thrown by the Sonic Groove crew . Back in the day Adam X was on the decks for several of our legendary events. To say that he was a major influence on us is an understatement. It only seems fitting that he was our first choice to headline this milestone event.

Nick Nice
Madison : Milk Tank Productions

Another early influence on us was Nick Nice. He was the headliner of our first event. Even then in '92 Nick was no newcomer to the scene. His long running nights at the Cardinal were in full swing and his barn raves were the first in Wisconsin. To this day he's still educating the masses.

Phantom 45
Chicago : Chicago Hardcore Authority

A year and a half went by before we started booking drum and bass dj's at our events. The first guy to get the call was Phantom 45, one of the original junglists from Chi-town. Over the years he's tore the roof off the place for us on several occasions. He promises to do it again.

Mr. Bill
Milwaukee : Full House (89-93), Retirement House (94...)

Another veteran of our first event. Oldschool hardheads were weaned on this Midwest Hardcorps gabber God. Then like an enigma he vanished into thin air without a trace. We found him and convinced him to come out and play. "Make some fuckin' noise" because this mofo is gonna rock.

Jedidiah the Messiah
Milwaukee : original co-founder of the Drop Bass Network

We're not sure what he's going to do or if he's even going to do anything at all. It doesn't matter, just being there is enough. Maybe if you're nice you can sit on his lap and have him tell you a good old fashioned rave story.

Stunt Rock
Zion : Addict, clfst, Regret

Oops! Can you feel the music? Can you feel the beat? Well, you will. Or wait, never mind. See what all the kids aren’t talking about. In other words, Doormouse couldn’t play because he was already booked.

Appleton : Garbage Game, Drop Bass Network

This guy has been making some serious waves over the past year. From house parties to full scale events he's no stranger to dishing out what it takes to get a crowd going. Look for him this summer on part two of the Drop Bass Network anniversary mix cd.

Scott Christopher
Racine : Atomic Punk

From running the Kooler record store in the 90's to his current open deck night at the Bank, Scott has been making things happen in SE Wisconsin. For our anniversary he's starting the night out right bringing the tech/funk house.

Progressive P aka Dan $afe
Milwaukee : Bacon Management
Your host, mc, and spiritual advisor for the evening. Psycho-shaman, mayhem-master, stream of consciousness ramblings from a hallucinogenic supermanic. He's the King of the Prom!

TJ Richter
Milwaukee : evolutionary-revolutionary upgrade version 2.0
Bug-eyed superfly and techno-high tj is re-wired as an all new digital entity. Dropping an IMAX-quality light-and-sound mind-hole blow out!



Light . Sound . Dimension
ferocious flames : HeadLights
tower of power : SubKulture
decadent decor : PsychoCandy Labs
laser lashings : Light Fantastik

Create . Communicate . Contemplate
electro-crucification and salvation installation : TJ Richter
a rebellion of human garbage : Adam Meaux

event promotion and production
a decade of dedication to dance and decadence
jethrox : the support squad


old school event : low cost price : tickets available night of

event info and map point directions
: (m i l w a u k e e)
: (m i d w e s t)
: (m i s c e l l a n e o u s)



We could have gone on a retrospective rant here, but what it boils down to and what really matters is we can't say Thank You! enough to all of the Midwest Hardcorps (and the plury candy kiddies too) for the years of support.


Keep the sound underground...turn on, tune in, drop bass.


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