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Wrekt Records, Drop Bass Network, and Genius of Fun present


A Rip Roarin' Adventure in the North Country

Saturday May 4th, 2002
7pm-8am [13 hours] : All Night Long! : 16+ event
12 djs : 4 live pa's

Duluth / Superior [Twin Ports]
Wessman Arena UWS: Superior, WI


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Frankie Bones

> New York City : Sonic Groove : Ghetto Techniques : bml >> 3:30am
Undeniably the most well known and popular underground DJ in America. Having won the International DJ of the year award; having established the original American rave scene - Storm Raves NYC; having crafted the first original US techno shop - Sonic Groove, Bones continues to be the most watched producer and DJ stateside - His quirky sense of humor and eccentric musical taste oozes onto the tables as he will not be boxed into one particular style. The ghetto technician is watching you... Prepare to make a ruckus, as this is his first appearance in the Twin Ports!



> Minneapolis : Genius of Fun : Communique >> 2:15am
Having just signed a major album deal with Bush Records UK, ESP is consistently rocking crowds and dropping stunning DJ records. Refusing to be categorized as pure Techno, Progressive, Acid or Rock, ESP has defended his style of experimental funky techno for over 10 years while he helped shape the Midwest scene, conceived the Minneapolis scene, and fostered its growth by coaching the Mile High and the local club game to its long awaited legitimacy. See him monthly at PLUSH at the Quest, or elsewhere (check for his appearance dates). Get tuned in as he will be playing unreleased material from the forthcoming album "I am psychic you know" as well as the hungered-for "Basketball Heroes 2".



> Milwaukee : Drop Bass Network >> 11:45pm
Many say this man is the backbone of the Midwest Party Scene, having brought us countless true underground events including the world famous Techno Pagan Ritual we all know and love called Furthur. Jethrox is also one of the more underrated DJ's in the Midwest spinning a wicked brand of heavy music...hardcore, hardbreaks, techno, and acid. With his death defyingly busy schedule these days, this appearance is a real treat. Look for new releases on Drop Bass Network this Spring from DJ Slip & Rkatek, Verbos, DJ ESP Woody McBride... All stompin'!



> Milwaukee : Addict Records : Planet Mu >> 12:15am
For the Midwest Hardcorps, this brother needs no introduction. For the rest of you... Just know that Doormouse lives and breaths hardcore. Make no mistake about it... He IS hardcore. Notorious for his wild rides on the decks, some of his past on stage antics would make GG Allin smile with delight. Over the years he's evolved before our eyes and ears. We've even heard he's taking trumpet lessons these days. Catch him now before he leaves us for the world of Smooth Jazz?


Paul Birken [Live]

> Minneapolis : Tonewrecker >> 11:00pm
Owner and risk taker on the hot new underground record label - Tonewrecker. Paul has rocked the North Shore, Minnesota and the world for that matter. Once again he returns to his alma matter to deliver the Birkenization. He is respected as one of today's innovators in the world Techno scene having worked along side the likes of Deitric Schoeneman, TJR, Bones, Terry Mullan, ESP and many others...



> Madison : Trim Records : 2012 >> 10:00pm
Since '96 this Madtown mofo has shown the Midwest what an eclectic record selection and perverted wax fondling can do to a sweaty and eager crowd. From Hip Hop to Drum & Bass, Techno to Brakes, with a side dish of some Ghetto and some sk-sk-sk-sk-skratchin'...and maybe even a taste of some John won't know what's going to come next!


Wrekt tag team >> 9:15pm

Doc Hyde, MD [Live PA]

> Duluth, MN : Wrekt Records : Ban This!
The Being behind Wrekt Records - Just over a year since its creation, Wrekt's tremors are being felt throughout the Northland and beyond - Producer of electro-sound for over 5yrs, Doc's dark, acidic, distorted Live PA's penetrate deep into minds - Creating the reputation as Twin Ports' hardest working Producer and Promoter, Doc Hyde settles for no less as he continues to build a death-defying force unable to be reckoned with... Wrekt-Nothing left but the MUSIC.

Mindtrip [Live PA]

> Superior, WI : Wrekt Records
A real full-blown Producer/Performer and Wrekt representer - Mindtrip's strictly live, hard hittin', Acid/Minimal Techno sound brands him as a Twin Ports one of a kind - His dedication is making huge impacts on Duluth/Superior's dance music scene - For this special night, Mindtrip teams w/ Doc Hyde for a rare "Wrekt-Tech" Live PA collaboration - Forget drugs - Listen, and let your mind... Trip!!


Centrific vs Mike G.

> Techno : Minneapolis : Intellephunk >> 5:30am
In recent years these two and the Intellephunk crew have painstakingly defended and supported pure Techno in the Midwest and have developed DJ and production skills that hare getting some serious attention. Watch for upcoming releases and events from these guys... On this night, prepare to have them give you your second (or third) wind taking you into the morning with smooth textures over rough beats, threaded by snaking grooves and pulsating rhythm.


Computer Controlled [Live PA]

> Fond du lac, WI >> 8:30pm
A first to this area... The new name in Acid relief. Improvising with a barrage of classic synthesizers, Larry will be pumpin' out Midwest style Acid Techno... and all the freaks in the house go AWOL!


DJ Catalyst w/ MC Brace

> Minneapolis >> 1:15am
This Drum & Bass duo has been rippin' it big time this year. And has been setting the standards for Midwest Jungle since the mid 90's when the JVC was presenting some of the most impacting and stylin' D&B shows stateside. Prepare for the lyricist. Prepare for the DJ. Their production of their own music is also setting the stage for World Wide impact on the International game. Catalyst is now the chief distributor of Drum & Bass for the Metro/Midwest. He is in charge of ordering all the DnB records for Vital Vinyl, the largest distributor of electronic music in MN. Also check out his newly founded record label Advanced Dance Recordings. He'll be armed with the freshest of A.D. Dubplates the night of.


Elektrik Messiah

> KUMD : 11:11 : Funkaholics >> 7:45pm
Here is where the law on House and fun groove has been written - A long time vet of the Twin Ports scene, this non-recovering addict of funk knows what the funk is up. Check this guy Tuesday nights on 103.3 kumd... A straight up LUNA-tic... Catch the drift?



> DnB : Duluth, MN : Wrekt Records >> 7:00pm
The Dookster REPresentin' Duluth Drum-n-Bass - This guy has been workin' the tables since before hitting puberty - His skills as a Turntablist make their mark in the Twin Ports area again and again.


Mur Blur

> Minneapolis : Ringer Records >> 6:30am
The best Christmas gift Minnesota has gotten in years... Having recently relocated to the lake state from Orlando, Steve brings us nearly 10 years DJ experience from the home of American Trance and Progressive. A seasoned veteran of the decks prepare to be taken to a higher plane.


Thrillbilly aka Lovin' LLoyd, & Co.

> Twig, MN : Wrekt Records >> 3:20am
The Head Honcho of hardcore hillbilly hoe-downs - It ain't no party without Thrillbilly's presence! A Wrekt Records exclusive performance not to be missed? Ummm... Shin-dig tunage - Ya dig!!!




Ton's of give-a-ways, Dancin' Daisy Dukes!, Live Hillbilly music, Country Boy and Country Girl Dress Up contest, Watermelon seed spittin' contest, pig wrestling contest, pie eating contest, and of course bobbin' for apples - and WOO-HOO PRIZES!

Genius of Fun's Wall of Bass / BCK Services / Audio Visions
There is no substitute. Measuring 60 feet wide and 10 feet tall, this is the juice that will cut you loose. Fountainous and mountainous, sliced thick and piled high, the wall is preparing to rearrange your DNA, rattle your fillings, purify your soul...

Light Fantastik / HeadLights
You can have a bazillion different lights at a party, but no matter what nothing is cooler than the lasers. So in 'light' of this fact we're cuttin' to the chase. We've got big lasers, we've got little lasers, and we've got laser emulators... Oh, and of course there will be a ton of fog to make 'em look reeeaal nice.


Video 1:
Higher Visions, Duluth

A Mezmerizin' live mix of the most insane, far out visuals that you've seen in a long time - Custom, custom, custom is all we can say - It's easy to nap shots off of movies, etc., but this dude (Kalon) creates a ton of original work. Jumbo screens, DJ coverage, wild colors, etc... Tripped out to the n'th degree. Get a good seat... and a tub of popcorn!

Video 2:
Sound Light Motion Collective, Minneapolis
One part scientific design... One part art asthetic. Using audio information, SLM interpret the thought and emotion of sound and express it visually to enhance and uplift the environment. Thoughtful yet chaotic - sound.light.motion are unparalled in their approach to use the sonic data and have it effect their captivating design vision. This is their Twin Ports debut - It WILL be mental!





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Voicemail Lines
[Duluth/Superior] 218.310.1825
[Minneapolis] 651.649.4795
[Wisconsin] 414.454.9836




Twin Cities: 35N to Duluth. Exit on Hwy 53 South to Superior. Follow Hammond Ave. Turn left on 28th St. Wessman Arena will be on left hand side.
[2.5 hours travel time]
Madison/Milwaukee: Take I-94W towards Eau Claire Exit #70 towards Eau Claire/Chippewa Falls. Follow 53 North to Superior. In Superior turn left on 18th Ave. Wessman Arena will be 2 miles down on right hand side.
[5-6 hours travel time]
Fox Valley: Follow WI-21 towards Tomah. In Tomah merge onto I-94 W towards Eau Claire. Exit #70 towards Eau Claire/Chippewa Falls. Follow 53 North to Superior. In Superior turn left on 18th Ave. Wessman Arena will be 2 miles down on right hand side.
[4 hours travel time]
Bus Trip Info for Wisconsin:
We are trying to organize a Milwaukee-Madison-Eau Claire bus trip. In you are interested contact
Hotels Near Venue:
Holiday Inn Express: 714.392.3444
Barkers Island Inn: 715.392.7152
Days Inn: 715.392.4783



Ticket Info/Outlets:

Tickets go on sale April 12. The first 10 tickets at each outlet are $10. Regular presale tix are $15. $20 at the door. $15 All night with UWS/UMD student I.D.

Roundabout: [218.733.0132] 205 E Superior St. Duluth, MN
Freestyle of Duluth (FOD): [218.727.5157] 28 N 3 Ave. W Duluth, MN
Vital Vinyl: [612.874.8892] 3 W 15th St. Minneapolis, MN
Revolutions: [414.347.1141] 2219 N Farwell Ave. Milwaukee, WI
Trim Records: [608.250.4680] 212 W Gorham St. Madison, WI



Special Thanks To:
Special thanks to the UWS Student Activity Board, UWS Danceline, The Hanson Family, Lloyd "Thrillbilly" Wagner and family, Kurt Eckes, the 12" players in Milwaukee, Fresh, the MNVibe crew, East Music, Vital Vinyl, Trim Records, Steve Centrific & The Intellephunk, Superior Police Dept., UWS Campus Security, WLW Press, FOD, Roundabout, Twin Ports crew, Twin Cities crew...Ahh, man! The list goes on and on and on... Much love!! Believe it!

Please respect yourselves and the safety of this event, and tap into the true party spirit... The spirit of good times and good music!


Party hard - Party Safe - Party on!