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Drop Bass Network
in association with Poopiehead Productions

10th annual Drop Bass Network New Years Eve celebration

Tuesday, December 31, 2002

Midwest Event : Milwaukee area

all night : all out
dusk til dawn : twelve hours long
doors open at 8:00 pm

identification required
17 to enter : 21 to drink (all night bars)



DBN.NYE : uber tradition!
(we got your tradition right here)

(the preflyer info is here...and a post event Thank You right here)


die konzept : (ie. what's in a name?)

zehn : German for the number 10. Why German? This is Milwaukee!

synchronicity : Non-local, non-linear connections between all things and places and times.

zehnchronicity : It's no coincidence this 10th annual New Years Eve event is coming at you in notorious Drop Bass Network style during a time when the planet is a freakin' mess


electronic music (r)evolution
(click the * to learn more about a specific performer)

check out the complete talent schedule here


ESP Woody McBride Live!
Minneapolis : Communique USA, Bush, Drop Bass Network *

That's right, live! Back in the day Woody and his mighty 303's could be spotted here and there, but then the gear went into the studio and never came back out...until now. Kicking off his "I'm Psychic You Know..." World Tour with his first live performance in our part of the Midwest since Even Furthur '96. An hour and a half of wowie-zowie, tripped-out, heart-pounding original techno and acid in the tradition of submission to the great cosmic energy. Make sure to check out for info about his new on some of the most exciting labels in techno.
Starscream aka #0 from
Des Moines :, DVS, Matix, Vestax *
Lord almighty! The dj from the most extreme band in heavy metal is coming to rock you like a hurricane with insane turntablist skills. His sights are locked in on Milwaukee, ready to drop the drum-n-bass and raga like you've never heard it before.
Detroit : Seismic, Reload, Matrix *
Back by popular demand! Last spring she came out and worked over everyone at underground, inc. with an unbelievable set of bangin' beats. This time the pint-sized pocket of precise mixing has some new tricks in store for another techno lashing.
House Preservation Society
Mystic Bill and Davey Dave

Chicago *
This veteran pair of Windy City all stars has been banging the box non-stop since the early days of warehouse and loft parties. United once again for a then and now taste of Chicago house music. You not only want it, you need it!
Los Angeles/Milwaukee : Darkmatter, tigerbeat6, Massive Record Source
When Doormouse left the Midwest for sunnier skies, the Midwest Hardcorps faithful were left wondering were they would get their fix. The answer was Baseck! Blistering broken beats and anything else that is hard to the core; you know the score.
San Diego : Native:State, *
Part psychedelic shaman, part performer, and part artist acting as a trance channel bringing forth light, oneness, and unity through the sounds of funky goa. Riding the flow, he has reached the masses from the SoCal deserts to the Burning Man festival.
Joe Vor-Tech
Brooklyn : Brooklyn Underground, Synthetic Men
Straight from the electroclash ground zero. This sassy underground music movement fuses the punk-inspired retro sounds of 80's new wave, synth pop, and electro with fashion and art to create a new music future that you can't help but enjoy.
TJ Richter
Inner Space : *
A hyper-kinetic goblin of fun presenting a pulsating plasma of spoken word, light, and sound with mega-bass from outer space that flattens Discovery World like road kill, SQUOOSH!
Mega/Blast Fhresh
featuring J-Slim, Red Shift, and Baseck

Milwaukee : Addict, Massive Record Source
The artist formerly known as Heep Hup Fresssh. This DJ team uses sick-ass turntablism to create cool crunchy hip-hop soundscapes from bass, breaks, bleeps, and noise.

Midwest Technoclash
Expect nothing short of an all-out techno royal rumble when you take three of the Midwest's favorite dj's and add multiple 1200's with a barrage of effects.

Rusty Habitz
Milwaukee : Drop Bass Network, WBA *
Appleton : Drop Bass Network, Garbagegame
Mike G
Minneapolis : Intellephunk

Milwaukee : Poopiehead, Trounce Records *
In a rare hometown appearance, his masterful mixing and euphoric trance will simply move you.
Beloit : Poopiehead, Soulmates *
Saturating your spirit and making it soar with the sound of jazz-infected soulful house.
Diva D
Madison : Poopiehead Productions *
Queen of the decks, combining a passion for spinning with a wicked drum-n-bass selection.
Madison : Cataclysmic, Well Known Djs *
Integrating hardcore and dark drum-n-bass, the result is guaranteed dancefloor devastation.
Michael Wenz
Milwaukee : Artist Underground, Raving Lunatiks
If the sound of acid techno is your thing, submit your soul to the archangel Wenzebub.
Riverwest : Drop-A-Log, Wheeled
A fixture in Milwaukee clubbing, he's been known to bump the house time and time again.
Citch Mantrall
Hustisford : Ecstatic
A rural WI regular, gaining recognition for his mix of high-energy trance and hard house.
Chicago : SubSonix, Happy Vibe
Bouncing happy beats that bring the energy, leaving you breathless and always wanting more.


light : sound : dimension

intelligent illuminati : Light Fantastik and HeadLights
dueling laser deluge : Light Fantastik and Poopiehead
heroic tower of power : Badger Audio and SubKulture
pixel pushing video vanguard : sound.light.motion
door-to-door dazzling decor : PsychoCandy Labs

synchronicity : part zwei

classic movies synched to classic rock albums
shown in a high-fidelic theatrical setting
for an experience that defies rational explanation
your vaudeville host : TJ Richter
price of admission : your mind


Firm but friendly experienced professional security. No carry-ins allowed.
Sales and/or use of controlled, uncontrolled, or out-of-control substances
are illegal, unwise, and unwelcome.


Plenty of free security-patrolled parking available in an illuminated lot adjacent to the venue;
nearby on-street parking is also available.


Clean bathrooms, running water, food and beverage concessions open all night.

looking for the after hours?

Head down to Bradford Beach on the Milwaukee lakefront for the annual Polar Bear swim. We'll see you there at high noon with your trunks on and nipples a-blazing!



$25 advance (guaranteed admission)
$28 at the door

Advance tickets available throughout December at the following locations.

Milwaukee :
Trounce Records (422 N 15th, floor 2) 414-273-1299
Revolutions/Moxy (2219 N Farwell) 414-347-1141
Massive Records (2844 N Oakland) 414-906-1751

Madison :
Trim (212 W Gorham) 608-250-4680
Audio Depot (708 E Johnson) 608-251-2000

Appleton : Appleton Imports (602 W College) 920-749-9229
Green Bay : Unison (1136 W Mason) 920-429-2793
Chicago : Untitled (2705 N Clark) 773-404-9225
Rockford : Groove Shop (230 Arnold) 815-229-7375
Minneapolis : Vital Vinyl (3 W 15th) 612-874-8892

online :
mailorders :

Celebrate for a cause : A portion of the proceeds from this event will benefit several local and national charities. You help determine how much goes where by expressing your choice at the entrance of the event.
(See the results here.)


twenty four seven event information and direction connection

(m i l w a u k e e)
(m i d w e s t)
(m i s c e l l a n e o u s)
(p o o p i e h e a d)

support lines

joint effort & friends (madison)
evolution collective (fox valley)
treehouse collective (chicago)
groove shop (rockford)
mnVibe (minneapolis)
irlf (iowa)
forced entry records (st. louis)

Zehnchronicity takes place at an undisclosed location.
Check back the day of the event for directions to the venue.

Wondering about a place to stay? Check out the list of nearby hotels (info posted soon).

For vending reservations / guest list requests / press passes call our industry line
414-777-3998 or email
We will get back in touch with you to confirm all granted requests.
Absolutely NO walk up vending or guest list. NO EXCEPTIONS.


Keep the sound underground...turn on, tune in, drop bass.