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: 10th annual new years eve celebration :
dbn.nye : uber tradition


a soundtrack for life

presented by : Drop Bass Network
in association with : Poopiehead Productions




Tuesday, December 31, 2002
dusk til dawn
17 to enter : 21 to drink

a MIDWEST event



headlining talent :

to be announced

local talent :

to be announced



three rooms of music

synchronicity part zwei
classic movies and classic rock albums
synchronized for special all night showings
in a mini theater with high-fidelic sound
hosted by : TJ Richter

light . sound . dimension
light : HeadLights
sound: SubKulture
decor : PsychoCandy Labs
lasers : Light Fantastik
video : sound.light.motion

: stay tuned in for much more information :


voicemail event info and directions
(m i l w a u k e e)
(m i d w e s t)
(m i s c e l l a n e o u s)
(p o o p i e h e a d)


_die konzept_: (ie. what's in a name?)

- German for the number 10 (why German? this is Milwaukee!)

- non-local, non-linear connections between all things and places and times
- an alleged resonance in nature or between nature and its various parts which creates seeming 'coincidences' so startling that most sense deeply they require an explanation

- 10th annual dbn.nye (Drop Bass Network new years eve)
- an event like this (done with the notorious Drop Bass Network style) at times like these (the world is a freakin' mess) is incontrovertibly no 'coincidence'


Keep the sound underground...turn on, tune in, drop bass.


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