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Drop Bass Network
with support from
Dynamic Groove, N-Joy, and Intellephunk

the 11th annual Drop Bass Network
New Years Eve Celebration
Wednesday, December 31, 2003

a Midwest event
Milwaukee, Whiskonsinn

dusk til dawn
eleven hours strong

8:00 pm til 7:00 am

17 to enter : 21 to drink
identification required


flyer inside (small / large)


DBN.NYE : the tradition continues!
(take a look for yourself)

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Live and Direct
check out the complete talent schedule here

Matthew Dear - Live PA (Detroit)
Ghostly International, Spectral Sound, Plus 8, Perlon
Matthew Dear (aka False and Jabberjaw) has made remarkable steps towards becoming one of the new great American techno producers. He's earned a devoted underground following that is steadily boiling over to the mainstream dance community. His minimal-but-funky techno is constantly pushing boundaries, while remaining focused on the simple goal of making people dance. And take our word for it, your feet will move during this extended nye performance.
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Reid Speed (Los Angeles)
Breakbeat Science, Direct Drive, Contagious Musiq
Reid Speed has played to adoring crowds in cities all over the U.S. alongside every respected drum and bass artist from Aphrodite to Zinc. She's currently on tour for her "Life After Dark" CD, a reflection dedicated to the dancefloor that illuminates the depth of her selection and the full spectrum of her talent behind the decks.
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Traxx - DJ/Live PA (Chicago)
International Deejay Gigolos, Soul Foundation Kollective

Gigolo is THE definitive cult label with a roster full of music icons, including the "artist of sound" Traxx. An undisputed underground hero, Traxx has seen and lived the evolution of Chicago house music. He uses this deep understanding of the history, along with his musical passion and dedication, to create highly emotional sessions that are unpredictable, diverse, always different, and constantly educating the devotees.
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Adam Jay - Live PA (Indianapolis)
Azure, Primate, Primevil, Zync, Chromagnon

Adam Jay has proven himself to be a prominent figure in the world of techno through musical output alone. On his numerous releases the styles range from expressions of funk and soul within the realm of techno, to the more up front and menacing. His DJ sets and live performances are heard around the world, winning heads over every time.
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Doormouse - Live PA (Miami Beach)
Planet-Mu, Addict, Distort, Zod, Schematic, and on and on and on...

The one and only, returning home to represent the Midwest Hardcorps. The IDM flower factory will be left in sunny Florida and the cold hard sounds of industrial Milwaukee will return for an apocalyptic 909 pummeling. But really, there's no telling what sort of mayhem you can expect with Doormouse.
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System X - Live PA (Chicago)
Tour de Trance, Input/Output, Cortex Music

The System X duo mixes trance, acid, and breaks into a wicked frenzy of sound. Their high energy stage presence and clever use of hardware instruments is an exciting live performance to witness. Prepare for the journey.
MF (Chicago)

The only weekly drum and bass club night currently running in Chicago is Rotation Thursdays. MF co-established the night which features some of the finest international and national acts. As a resident DJ, he's played next to most of them.
Centrific vs. Web of Deception - Live PA (Minneapolis)
Intellephunk, Boss Recordings

Straight from da great white north, dese two hosers are gonna be bringin' da bangin' beats. Last new years dey filled in for Woody McBride at da last minute and stole da show. Imagine what dey'll do wit some time to prepare.
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Filament (Appleton)
a cochlear illumination of straight-up pounding techno with a tribal twist

Anonymous (Madison)
Anonymous Records
the beats are broken and the bass is thick, parental guidance strongly advised

Bitfiendz - Live PA (Milwaukee)
Phase Communications
a two-front assault of old/new school computer driven drum and bass madness

Bishop (Milwaukee)
what is your mission?, how about some cool rockin' drum and bass rhythms

Baby Boy (Milwaukee)
from the old school with bump in the trunk, house music with a hell of a thump

Lectric (Milwaukee)
12" Players
resident DJ at Mantra, Dragon Lounge, and Three, bringin' the mushroom house

Fader (Prentice/Central WI)
Hitmen DJ Team
ready, set, go for the hard dancing mix of high energy trance and hard house

David Prime (Madison/Chicago)
The Circle P
a bit of the tech and a bit of the house, put together to make you bounce


The government says it's illegal, but we say it's casual!

There's a fine line between genius and insanity and we've got both!
Brilliant DJs, insane performance artists, and you unite in a throbbing orb of light:
a room that's one big 3-D projection screen.
Chill out in a diverse universe of music with small stage intimacy.
This nye, chaos has never been so casual.

TJ Richter
mind plasma!
Your master of allusion host and multimedia magician; combining spoken word stories, music, and projected images into screaming daydreaming wave spaces of imagination. Stretch your ears, eyes, and mind wide open!
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The Bacon Manager (Brew City)
Bacon Management
this is your brain...this is your brain fried on bacon

One.F (Milwaukee)
machine funk specialist stretchin' out yer cerebral cortex

Screendoor (Milwaukee)
Phluid Motions
a sonic collage of chemically treated beat alternatives

Atomly - Live PA (Chicago)
wankery laptop rock for humanity in the machine age

Mixxmaster Monday (Green Bay)
livin' after midnight and rockin' til the dawn


When the obstacles get tuff, the tuff get optical.

three COMPLETE rooms of
light : sound : dimension
for your exhilaration creation, inner-space exploration, and self-expression session

intelli-lite-brite and lazeur
Light Fantastik and HeadLights - light tech Joe Carroll

Badger Audio and Sub.ver.sion - sound techs Tony Forth and John Witt

Simplistiks Visuals - VJs NixMix, LEVLHED, and Mind Rewind

door-to-door decor
PsychoCandy Labs and the Support Squad


Bars : Open all night for 21+ with id, fully stocked with reasonably priced beer and liquor.

Amenities : Friendly staff, clean bathrooms, running water, merchandise vendors, all night food and beverage concessions.

Parking : Plenty of illuminated and security-patrolled parking available at no charge.

Safety : Firm but friendly experienced professional security. No carry-ins allowed. Sales and/or use of controlled, uncontrolled, or out-of-control substances are illegal, unwise, and unwelcome. Be smart, be responsible, be safe.

After hours? : Head down to Bradford Beach on the Milwaukee lakefront for the annual Polar Bear swim. We'll see you there at high noon with your trunks on and nipples a-blazing!


TICKETS (our lowest admission price in six years!)

$25 advance (no service charge)
$25 at the door night of event

Advance tickets, for guaranteed admission and no wait line, are available throughout December only at the following authorized locations.

Milwaukee : Massive Records (2844 N Oakland) 414-906-1751
Milwaukee : Revolutions/Moxy (2219 N Farwell) 414-347-1141

Madison : Trim (212 W Gorham) 608-250-4680
Madison : MC Audio (515 University) 608-251-7746

Appleton : Appleton Imports (602 W College) 920-749-9229
Green Bay : Unison (1136 W Mason) 920-429-2793

Chicago : Another Level (5405 S Harlem) 773-586-6346
Chicago : Untitled (note...they do NOT sell advance tix anymore)
Schaumburg : Another Level (191 W Golf) 847-882-9165
Rockford : Groove Shop (230 Arnold) 815-229-7375

Minneapolis : Vital Vinyl (3 W 15th) 612-874-8892

: call Drop Bass Network 414-224-5343

charge online :
tickets are now off-line
they WILL be available at the door

NOTE: Any advance tickets purchased online after Saturday, December 27th will be held at will call at the door to Obstacle Allusion. Use the advance ticket holders only line when you arrive at the venue. If you can, print out your confirmation receipt/email. However, your i.d. will be enough to pick up your tickets. Please indicate the names you want the tickets to be held under in the message box on the paypal order form. The deadline for advance ticket purchase online is noon on New Year's Eve Wednesday, December 31st.


Obstacle Allusion takes place at an undisclosed location.
Check here the day of the event for directions to the venue.

For vending reservations / guest list requests / press passes email
We will get back in touch with you to confirm all granted requests.
Absolutely NO walk up vending or guest list. NO EXCEPTIONS.



t U r n  O n ,  t U n E  I n ,  d r O p  b A s s .


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