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Massive (Milwaukee / Midwest, US); issue no.19 March 1998
a brief history of Even Furthur and the event's significance to the Midwest scene, pre-hype for the Even Furthur 98 event; based on an interview between Matt Massive and Kurt Eckes together for the first time in years
(page 25)
Alternative Press (US); September 1996
Even Furthur 96 is covered in the BPM section with two columns and three photos spread over two pages
(page 96-97)
bEAN (Chicago, IL); issue no.6 Summer 1996
extended account of the bEANers trip furthur in a daily journal style, covers many strange aspects of the event with two pages of text and three solid pages with tons of pictures
(page 22-27)
Shepherd Express (Milwaukee, WI); vol.17 no.31 July 25-31, 1996
titled "Think Globally, Record Locally", Milwaukee's alternative weekly focuses on the Drop Bass Network record label's international reputation in the Sounds section
(page 3)
Melody Maker (UK); July 13, 1996
Even Furthur 96 is covered with a half page by Simon Reynolds focusing mainly on the music side of the event
(page 37)
City Pages (St. Paul/Minneapolis, MN); May 29, 1996
an article about Even Furthur 96 in the Culturata section of this alternative news and arts weekly
(page 27-28)
The New York Times (New York, NY); May 28, 1996
writer Neil Strauss (co-author of the Marilyn Manson autobiography) goes to Even Furthur 96 and lives it, his thoughts on the event and the scene are in The Living Arts section of this prominent world wide paper (longer different version appears in the New York Edition)
(page B1-B2)
URB (US); issue no. 47 April 1996
Drop Bass Network's Kurt Eckes is featured in the cover story on the "First Annual Next 100" celebrating 100 people, places and ideas to watch over the next year, the name Drop Bass Network appears on the cover
(page 30)
Eternity (UK); issue no.34 September 1995
long article/interview with Kurt Eckes about Drop Bass Network focusing more on the label and the music, but also on the history
(page 91-92)
Alternative Press (US); September 1995
Even Furthur 95 is covered in the BPM section with two columns and five photos spread over two pages
(page 98-99)
XLR8R (San Francisco); sometime 1995
positive coverage of Even Furthur 95 (after they dissed the first one) with a nice panoramic picture
(page 16)
Racine Journal Times (Racine, WI); Sunday March 19, 1995
front page Sunday paper story!, Drop Bass Network's Fuk event with live Plastikman, Richie Hawtin, and John Aquaviva gets shut down after a brief police standoff for overcrowding and fire code violations; "extra extra read all about it"
(Front Page, 7A)
Chicago Sun-Times (Chicago, IL); Sunday May 8, 1994
popular music writer Jim DeRogatis goes Furthur to find a "weekend of 'blissful enlightenment' at a rave" and calls it everything Lollapalooza pretends to be but isn't
(page 1B, 5B)
Massive (Milwaukee / Midwest, US); issue no.3 January 1994
after a wave of protest over the evils of Drop Bass Network jethrox writes a piece on Satan in the rave scene assuring everyone the have nothing to fear, but fear itself, letter appears with an interview by Satan not shown here - very hardcore Massive issue
(page 11-12)
Melody Maker (UK); May 2, 1994
writer Sara Champion lives the first Furthur experience and tells about it in this inspiring article in the Clubs! section
(page 26)
Request (US); July 1994
"it's either the end of the world or the beginning, and it's all going down in Milwaukee"; writer David J Prince tells about Drop Bass Network (label and events) and it's influence on the Midwest scene as part of the cover story feature on Techno
(page 22-25)

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