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Massive (Milwaukee / Midwest, US); issue no.3 January 1994
Letter from Drop Bass Network
by jethrox
(page 11)

Recently there has been some talk about the connection between Drop Bass, Satan, and raves. Actually, too much talk - All of it by softies, of course. For the record, Drop Bass does not advocate nor disapprove of worshiping the red man down under. What we do support is the decadent and hedonistic lifestyle each of us lives on the weekends-- and hopefully every other day of the week. It's only a matter of coincidence that Satan also approves of this over-indulgent life style. We consider ourselves - AND all you techno-pagans- worshipers of the bass and the walls of sound that spew hardcore at our events. Occasionally we devote and event to being a 'techno pagan ritual'. It sounds fuckin' evil as that, but, in an effort to make these events be all they can, we hype them as being evil and as hardcore as possible without scaring everyone (just the softies). We want the ritualists to come in rare form, psyched and ready to overindulge and become part of one HELL of a ritual. If you come timid or afraid, you could be in trouble. It's been said a thousand times- but it's true- 'the only thing to fear is fear itself'. Don't fear evil, accept it as being hardcore and part of your life. It's a hard world we live in these days and if we all can gather in the spirit of peace and unity, there's nothing wrong with using a little evil to release some aggression while you become a peon to the bass. As long as we keep smiling at each other and respect the fact that it's all in good fun, then so be it. We think of our lifestyles as hardcore and underground-- there's certainly nothing more underground than hell itself. We only have one life to live and if you chose to live to the fullest- accepting no rules or fear- then it's obvious your taking lessons from the big guy downstairs. Release some of the shit you take everyday at one of our events. Yeah, I know it's hard to smile and think of flowers at 200 bpm's, so let evil be the tool to release yourself. Don't get afraid- get Hardcore.


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