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Rave America - New School Dancescapes (Toronto: ECW Press) 1999
Chapter 4 - The Midwest:
White Chicago, Black Milwaukee, and the Case of the Raving Satanists

this book is devoted to the American rave phenomenon, the Midwest scene and Drop Bass Network in particular are covered in sensationalized detail, it shows to the world through pictures and words that Milwaukee is a whole other place when it comes to raving
(page 99-120)
Appearance and Power (Oxford, New York: Berg ) 1999
Chapter 7 - Even Furthur:
The Power of Subcultural Style in Techno Culture

one of the stranger places for Drop Bass Network to end up is in this book dealing with how appearance affects social interaction and how it's an evaluative criterion for society, the author addresses the negotiation of power that ravers practice in their aesthetic choices...and Even Furthur 96 is her research subject
(page 141-151)
Generation Ecstasy (New York, London, Toronto: Little, Brown and Company) 1998
Chapter 16 - Crashing the Party:
American Rave's Descent Into the Darkside, 1993-97

the definitive chronicle of rave culture and electronic dance music, during his travels the book's author ends up at Even Furthur 96 and documents his account of Midwest techno music and the drug culture that accompanies it, it's a psychodelic experience and it makes sense that Drop Bass Network appears in this chapter
(page 298-303, excerpt from chapter 16)
Trance Atlantic Two CD book (UK); Summer 1995
Raving across the USA
Fear and Loathing in Hixton, May '94
Introducing the Midwest Hardcorps

by far the most thorough coverage of Drop Bass Network to date; complete accounts of Even Furthur 95, the first Furthur in 94, a great piece on the record label and Kurt Eckes (jethrox), and also plenty of other stuff about the Midwest; this article was where the famous quote summing up Drop Bass Network appeared; and we didn't even have a track on the CD!
(page 68-103, yes that's right!)

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