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Internal Navigation (Winnipeg, Canada); issue no.1 November 1996
the devil from north of the border (Fishead) locks horns with the devil (jethrox) from the Midwest; "we don't do house parties and we don't play pussy music"
(pages 4-7)
Transcendance (Toronto, Canada); issue no.6 Fall 1996
interview with Kurt Eckes about Drop Bass Network, the Midwest, and of course Even Furthur by Beverly May and Adam Marshall
(page 44-45)
Under One Sky (Brooklyn, NY); issue no.14 Fall 1994
Kurt Eckes interviewed by Heather Heart for her worldwide respected zine, brief history of Drop Bass Network events and label with some info on what the rest of 1994 holds
(page 10-11)
Wetware (New York, NY); issue no.1 Summer 1994
very complete interview with jethrox (Kurt Eckes) about Drop Bass Network events at the time including its history, its future and the scene; coverage of the Descension event also appears
(page 0.3, 0.4, 1.1, 3.9, 4.0, 4.1)
Reactor (Chicago, IL); issue no.3 November 1992
first major article about Drop Bass Network is an interview with Kurt and Patrick, a historic issue from this Chicago magazine featuring a cover story on the infamous Milwaukee "Grave" rave bust and the Milwaukee scene (only the interview included)
(page 22)

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