news & updates / April 26, 2000


Even Furthur 2000 Update
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When's Even Furthur?

Where's Furthur going to be held at?

Is there going to be an Even Furthur this year?

Who's playing at Furthur?

How far away is Furthur going to be?

Should I be asking off for Memorial Day weekend?

What kind of space are you using for Furthur?

Can I set up a DIY system at Furthur this year?

Furthur, Little Furthur, Even Furthur.... Furthur, Furthur, Furthur. That's all we have been hearing about these past few months. These questions and many more have been flooding our email and voice mail boxes. If we had a nickel for every time someone has asked us aquestion about Even Furthur we would have at least a buck two ninety or so. Seriously, no shit!

But you know what? We don't mind. Keep those questions coming! We love it. It's so great to know that there are people out there who care so much about one event. And to tell you the truth it's what is keeping us working on Even Furthur at this point. Over the past couple of years there has been about enough bad things associated with Furthur weekend that we would just as soon throw our hands up and say Fuck It. The fact that so many people give a rats ass though means that there are people out there that get it and appreciate what it is we do. For those people we must continue to rock on and along the way we hope to get a few others 'on the bus' with the rest of us.

So what's the deal with this years event? Well it's almost the end of April and still nothing has been leaked. There's a good reason for that, there's nothing to tell. Sadly enough we are in the same boat (bus?) as we are every year. Tons of great ideas and talent, but no place to put them. The hardest part about an event like this is finding a venue. This year seems to be the worst yet. Few options, few dates, few places to even consider, and it's getting fewer all of the time. It just doesn't look good at this point. If we could just find one place cool and stay there every year that would be so great, but we haven't found that one place yet. Some of our past venues have worked awesome, but I can tell you we can't use a single one of them for one reason or the other. So don't suggest "hey you should go back here..." because if we could we would.

Where we are at now is that it's too late to pull something off on Memorial Day weekend which was our first choice of dates. That's the hardest weekend to do something since everyone and their mother goes out that weekend camping, etc. Spaces just aren't available. So now we are looking at alternative dates as well as other venue options. We also plan to re-look at a couple of good venues that originally weren't available for the end of May. Something will be worked out soon. And to put your mind at ease - we are concentrating mainly on Wisconsin sites!

We don't like leaving everyone hanging that's for sure. People calling our main info line, checking our website, or who are on our email list will be the first to know what's up when it's up. So you should at the very least go to and make sure you get your email address on our email list.

In the meantime don't forget about us or this event. It will happen or my name isn't John Jacob Jingle Himmer Schmidt. Hey wait, that's not my name!? Ok simply enough Even Furthur will happen come hell or high water. Be patient and remember that saying "good things come to those who wait". You can help us out by keeping your fingers crossed (and maybe even your legs). Say your prayers every night before bed and ask Jesus to help us get this worked out. It's a stretch, but it just might work. Burn a few Mexican prayer candles. You might even win the Lottery on accident?

If you have ANY suggestions or ideas that you think might help out we are taking any and all. We're in the eleventh hour here so we'll take anything idea wise! You can email us at or call the main info line 414-454-9836. Any help you might have is appreciated by us and will be by everyone else. To tell you the truth three of our past seven sites were suggestions from callers to our voicemail lines.

Oh and another thing, from now on expect only one Furthur event per year. Last year was an experiment that in our eyes didn't really work out the best (ie. Little Furthur vs. Even Furthur). The plan is to keep Furthur at the beginning of summer like it should be big or small and always call it Even Furthur. We do plan to still continue with an end of summer event as well. However, we would rather it have a completely different name and concept. We're leaning toward more of an all inclusive Midwest vibe for the end of summer event versus the more Wisconsin thing that Furthur is. Stay tuned for details as they become available.

If you're interested in DIY systems for Furthur you need to send us an email requesting a reservation for a spot. Send us the who's, what's, why's, and all of that. We'll keep the info and see what we can do with the space we have. Right now we have about three dozen requests and I know we aren't going to allow that many. So make it the best most unique thing you can imagine to try and get one of the few spots available.

Sorry the news for now isn't better.

Stay turned on, keep tuning in, and for God's sake Drop Bass.