news & updates / August 04, 2000


Four Drop Bass Network Event Announcements
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((warning: this is very long winded! but for a reason...))

No one ever said this throwing a party stuff was going to be easy...but if we knew it would be like this!

So rather than just bust out with our announcement right away we want to give you a little background and history of the course of events over this summer. Why? So you know that we haven't been doing nothing and so that as you will see we're pretty much on the brink of going crazy. Plus once you find out all the background information you will realize why we have been _keeping our mouths shut_ all summer long.

Of course what we're talking about is Even Furthur. That's right Furthur news. So read on...

It all started after New Years Eve. Millennial Dawn. 6500 people making it the biggest event in Midwest history. But to do that it took a serious amount of work! Almost four solid months went into that event. We needed a rest after it was over. Which means Even Furthur got a later start than we planned on.

Fast forward.

April. We did Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds. An old school Drop Bass Network event in the year 2000. It wasn't that it took too much of our time, but the plan was to do two events in two weekends. Unfortunately the other event didn't happen because of space issues. But we wasted a lot of time trying to get it to work out. For nothing.

In the meantime we started our site search for Even Furthur in late February/early March. No leads on anything good. We looked and called and looked and drove...nothing available. Well, nothing good available. We could always go back to Kankakee...yeah right.

After exhausting all of our options we decided to throw in the towel and back out of Memorial Day Weekend. We considered doing a Little Furthur again, but we wanted to get away from the two Furthur thing.

On Memorial Day Weekend about 150 people still showed up at the Little Furthur spot from last year to camp out, drink, and listen to tunes. It rained three out of the four days...good thing we really didn't do a party!

So early June comes along. We locate a venue! After a number of phone conversations and trips to northern Wisconsin we are set up with a beautiful spot for this years event. We start the planning for Even Furthur the last weekend in July. Except then our permit was denied. No way around it without risking being shut down. Oh, we probably would have got away with it. But if not...

So we look at dates. Late July is no good now. August is taken up with festivals and big events. We choose Labor Day Weekend. It makes sense to keep it a four day event right? Besides, that buys us some time to sort out a venue...we think.

Late June. Another venue score! This one better than the last. They even have biker parties there. Big ones with 4000+ people. Damn thing was the owner forgot he was having a wedding there Labor Day Weekend. A week of phone calls and visits are wasted. Maybe next year. It's nice.

And while these two venues were happening we were also investigating the dozens of ideas a lot of people were sending us. Thanks for those! Too bad almost none of them panned out, but still it opened our eyes to some possibilities. We've never talked to so many venues ever.

Even later in June. Score again. Bigger than the last and used to some pretty rowdy action. A group of rave kids would be tame in comparison. Phone calls, visits, planning...a verbal deal is made. Only thing is we need to get a permit. Uh, oooh.

July 17 Drop Bass Network wows the town board. Permit approved pending a few contracts we had to get. No problem. Owner still cool with things. No contract until we get all of our ducks in a row. We get insurance, bathrooms, garbage service, security, tents, and everything all ready to go.

In the meantime...word is leaked to the area that a Drop Bass Network planned event is coming to town. And through the marvels of modern technology a guy with internet access and a fear of PCP smoking, devil worshiping, hardcore blasting kids goes on a propaganda rampage. On July 19th a 50 page print out of the Drop Bass Network and Hyperreal website is on the kitchen tables of every neighbor within a mile or two. 50 fucking pages with all of the drug references, devil references, sexual references, everything all neatly highlighted. Talk about insane. Talk about shit hitting the fan...and the fan being on high!

(Proof that what you say in news groups, chat rooms, websites, and mailing lists can be harmful in ways you don't even know about. But that's a whole other story.)

For the next four days a representative for Drop Bass Network is knocking on people's doors answering questions and dispelling rumors. A letter from us explaining the situation is given to all. Everyone is calmed down...except the original lunatic. He's got issues.

July 25th owner backs out!!! Family gathering that weekend he was going to skip out on, but apparently a five digit figure wasn't enough to convince his family they were staying home. It's not really quite that simple, but that's the jist of it. Pure shock to us. Flyer already designed, line up booked, production contracted. Well the bright side is we have an approved permitted venue for another time...Memorial Day Weekend next year?

Now we're scrambling. Mind you this is Tuesday last week!

In the meantime announcements are made on our behalf the event is happening. But we didn't say that. (We just thought it.) We get several emails a day from people wondering “what's up with Furthur?' “I heard this, I heard that...”. What to do, what to do.

Tuesday night the 25th...serious talk with God.

At 6am July 26th we locate two other venue options. One owned by a group with Satan in their name...tell me that's not screaming Drop Bass Network. The other was right under our fucking noses the whole time. It was a dream come true. Too good to believe. We'll call that one perfect space and the other one Satan space.

Wednesday July 26th late night deal made with the owner of perfect space.

Thursday July 27th Satan space contracted as a backup.

Friday July 28th permit application process started for perfect space (it's being rushed through by the county because...well, just because).

Saturday July 29th we officially decide once and for all the event is happening. Line up is completed (most of it was already on hold).

Sunday July 30th a dozen DIY sound systems and six alternates are chosen from the fifty plus requests submitted over the summer (and the event was even announced yet!). All 12 say yes and so do the now we have 18 DIY's instead of 12 like we wanted. We better spread them out this year, not like it was in 98.

Monday July 31st the flyer is finished early in the morning (again most of it was already done) and it goes off to the printer for pick up on Thursday.

Thursday August 3rd...Hundreds of hassles and headaches later (and more still to come) - the official announcement is made and promotion campaign begins! (The same night as George W. Bush...Drop Bass Network for president! Better get those lawn signs from Lucy in the Sky back out.)

Now you know the WHOLE story.

So without Furthur (pun intended) ado (we hope you made it this far):

Drop Bass Network in association with Vibeonauts present

Even Furthur last dance of summer

techno campout - electric festival - family re*union

labor day weekend Friday September 01 to Monday September 04, 2000

Somewhere, Rural Wisconsin (that's right Wisconsin)

And what are the other announcements? (Keep in mind these events were being worked on while all the stuff was happening above for Furthur. We're not sure how we did it, but we did!)

everyone keeps telling us to throw a big we are.

Drop Bass Network presents Big Rave (because there's a little candy in all of us)

September 23, 2000 Madison, WI

and then our biggest event:

DBNYE (for the acronymically impaired that's Drop Bass Network New Years Eve)

December 31, 2000 all new location

repeat ALL NEW LOCATION! Spread the word on this one. The situation is that a lot of people might go to our old location of six years (the Eagles Club / Rave), but we won't be there. And you don't want to be either. Stay tuned, but we got to get the word out now...WE HAVE AN ALL NEW LOCATION!

But wait, the subject said four Drop Bass Network event announcements and you were only told about three? Well the fourth one is still a secret. We can't spill all the beans at once you know. But it's a biggie and you will be pleased.

So that's it (as if that wasn't enough). Thanks for listening. There should be another email out in a day or two with the full information on Even Furthur. Keep on the lookout for it and make sure to be on the lookout for the flyer which is on the streets now at shops and events around the Midwest.

Drop Bass Network