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EF2K: Even Furthur Full Info
transmission: email/website

Drop Bass Network in association with Vibeonauts present

Even Furthur
the last dance of summer
techno campout - electric festival - family re*union

Labor Day Weekend
Friday September 01 to Monday September 04, 2000
rain! or shine? somewhere, rural Wisconsin

Mission: from Free-For-All to Free for All


Scotland's Soma Records North American tour with:
Funk D'Void
Percy X

Richard Harvey live aka User - London
Richard Turner - Utility Plastics - London
Mark EG - Blackout Audio, Bonzai, Cluster, M8/Wax - London

Scott Hardkiss - Hardkiss Music, Sunburn - San Francisco
Woody McBride aka dj ESP - Communique Records - Minneapolis

Matt Green live - Corrupt, Disturbance, Special Forces - London
Double D vs. Camry - The Sub-Link vs. Horizon - Calgary vs. Charlotte

UFO! - Phunckateck, Position Chrome, Thermal, Green Label - San Francisco
Phantom 45 - Chicago
UndergroundSolJazz - Chicago

Lego - Afterhours, Red Dog - Chicago
Mazi - Afterhours, Gourmet Recordings, Grayhound - Chicago
Justin Long - Gramaphone, IHR - Chicago

Frankie Vega - Mushgroove, SHR, Blue Line - Chicago
Jes One - Groove Shop, Deceptikon Unit - Rockford
Russ Abitz, Matt Butler, and Curtis - West Benders

Spiritual Krack Laboratory - Louisville, KY presents: "a return to mystery"
with Strange Loop, the Chef, Marky Mark, Tig, Imperial Sound System, and friends...

Stations of the Lost & the Theater-of-Destruction
with TJ Richter and the donkey devils

Stay in touch with the main voicemail lines for the
who / what / when / where / why and all that.

Our new rural location is equidistant +/-1 hour from Milwaukee-Madison-Minneapolis-Chicago-Fox Valley. Directions to the event will be announced August 31 on the voicemails and website.

Drop Bass Network (Milwaukee, WI)

Vibeonauts (Chicago, IL)

support lines:
Eucalyptus (Madison) 608-258-0098
MTP (Fox Valley) 715-758-8790
Allied Substructure (Minneapolis) 612-676-2127
Strange Loop (Louisville) 502-569-1757
Kindred Groove (St. Louis) 314-995-9215
Digital Perceptions (Cedar Rapids) 319-297-9273
N-Joy (Chicago) 630-415-3158

Ticket Information:

Tickets can be purchased at the Even Furthur gate for $35. This price covers all four days of entertainment, camping, and parking for a single participant. Of course Right of Admission is Reserved. Counterfeit tickets are the purchaser's responsibility.

Advance tickets $31, available starting August 14 at:
Revolutions - Milwaukee 414-347-1141
Massive Records - Milwaukee 414-906-1751
Audio Depot - Madison 608-251-2000
The Kooler - Racine 414-638-1131
Appleton Imports - Appleton 920-749-9229
Untitled - Chicago 773-404-9225
Level - Chicago 773-579-0004
Groove Shop - Rockford 815-229-7375
Cynesthesia - Minneapolis 612-824-7126

Even Furthur is known for its DIY independent sound systems. How popular are they? This year we accepted all that we could prior to the event even being announced! Sorry, No Vacancy.

Theme Camps:
Express yourself by creating a space to share in our surrealistic village. If you have a bitchin' idea and you want to reserve some primo space give us a call at 414-777-3998 and it's yours.

Even if you don't bring tunes or create a camp, at the very least celebrate what this event is all about...freedom and the power of each and every one of us. Don't just spectate...participate! You make it Even Furthur.

Do-It-Yourself independent sound systems everyday noon to midnight:

Drop Bass Network (Milwaukee) "Free For All" : jethrox . Oryan . tomamerica . Mr. Fister . Mike Nanos . Stan Doublin . Synergy . Hi-Pass Midi Circus . Marscruiser . DJ Cook

Vibeonauts (Chicago) "Los Borrachos Locos" : 773-604-1644 Sativa . Acetate . Nosmo . Geoffrey . George David . Chris Conrad . Alex & Chris . Frank Q . Frenzy . Vital-G

Eucalyptus / Radiant / Deceptikon (Madison) "Madison Family Sound System" : 608-258-0098 Zach Bass . Laufei . Ohm . General Jash . BamHI . Rainbow . Adrian . Jesse Collins . Star . XsentrX

Allied Substructure / Sonic Fury (Minneapolis) "Temptation!" : 612-676-2127 Spree . Hooverproject . Madkid . Tilzs . FreakBoy . Arjay Ketamine . Fleak . Tyler Science . Scam . Skyy

Massive (Milwaukee) "A Boy Named Sue" : Doormouse . Anonymous . Dica . .com . Asscore 2000

Positive Entity (Chicago) "House of Debauchery" The Ronin . D-Tone . Budda-Monk . Cpt. Spank-o . Dr. Gonzo

Intellephunk / Numb3rs (Minneapolis) "Inner Sanctum" : 612-837-6129 Centrific . DVS1 . Jon Gregory . Isaac Anthony . Shift

"Taste of Chicago" N-Joy / Simple Productions (Chicago) : 630-415-3158 Distortion . Ry-n . Brandon S . Alex K . Aaron Chase

"lost: one pat bastard" WBA / Elkompton (SE Wisconsin) Abraham Jensen . Paco . John Tuesday . Heath Heise . Richard Jantz

"Planet Trance" Unique Recordings (Chicago) : 847-604-3116 Brandy James . Matthew Michaels . Dan Efex . Todd Richmann . Curtis RS

MTP / AM Records (Up North) "Mystery Theme Phenomenon" : 715-758-8790 Red-ize . Demetri Nocturnal . Funky B . Casey Baldwin . Sweet Emulation Projekt and People of Rhythm and Atmospheric Audio Chair "Noise Ordinace" : Warp . Josh Werner . Darkmode . Cobalt . Rob_Art

Deviant Nation (Minneapolis) "Lethal Equation" : haDJi . azrael . Lost in Translation . kokigami . Target Market Research

Strobehouse Productions (Waukegan) "the strobe house" : Jesse Martinez . Vijay . Brian Williams . Skraps . DJ Atmosphere

A.M. Industries (Omaha, NE) "Cosmic Pimp-n" : 402-577-4397 James Deep . MIK3 . DEGA . Smiff . Lunatik

trust (Denver, CO) "trust:EF2K" : 303-382-9752 Dis=c0! . irix . element . jonnyfaw . whitsitt (West Michigan) "snafu*sound" : 616-334-4240 Katalist . Scotty V . Joe Sasson . Defunkt . The Schryb

Domino Theory (Rochester, NY) "the Neighborhood Konspiracy" Water . Keven Atoms . Our Baby . Drumcorps . Caltrop

Guidelines & Info:

Even Furthur starts at noon on Friday and goes to noon on Monday.
Hot & Cold Food and Beverage concessions on site.
Clean water, showers, and bathrooms will be available.
Small personal fires are permitted in fire pits or metal containment.

Even Furthur is a DRUG FREE EVENT. Alcohol sales will be available for those legal drinking age with i.d. Underage drinking will not be tolerated. Sales and/or use of controlled substances and nitrous oxide are illegal, unwise, and unwelcome.

*Come prepared to camp and cope for the entire duration you intend to stay.*

Do Bring - tent, sleeping bag, food, plenty to drink, cooler with ice, grill, extra clothes, flashlight, bug spray, sun block, drums, toys, first aid, and of course plenty o' good vibes.

Do Not Bring - fireworks, weapons, glass bottles, tools for graffiti, mean pets, or bad attitudes.

Firm yet friendly security and a medic tent will be available on site to assist you and ensure the event runs smoothly.

No walk up guest list, you must get approval in advance.
Limited merchandise vending space is available.
Vendors and guest list must call 414-777-3998 to inquire and/or register.

turn on, tune in, drop bass