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Big Rave (Madison, WI), Post Furthur
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September 17, 2000

Subject: pssst...there's a big rave going on!

Hello fellow bassheadz...we're coming at you a little late here with our next event announcement. But as they say, better late than never.

As you could probably figure out the post Even Furthur duties took a lot out of us both physically and mentally. We're still pretty much vegetables, but it's more than worth it! This years event was the largest Furthur festival to date and one of the best overall in recent memory. A lot of peeps (maybe a full 1/3+ of the crowd?) stayed the full four days...props to the hardcore still left Monday morning. We can't say THANK YOU enough to everyone who supported this years wonderful event!

With the good comes the bad though. As many of you know tragedy struck a young woman after leaving this years event. Our sympathies go out to her family and friends. Add to this incident the many other fucked up and crazy things that took place during the event and were left scratching our heads wondering where this scene is headed. Or are people just that fucking mental now? Don't get us wrong, Furthur still rocked the bells, but after so much shit you start to wear a little thin. As a scene we need to learn from these experiences and the others that are going on at other events. If we don't were just going to self destruct.

A group of area promoters, store owners, dj's, and party people have took it upon themselves to start the education process. A website was launched over the past weekend at (I think the final home is going to be though.) We can't claim to be directly responsible for the content, but we do support the efforts 100%. Make sure you check it out and spread the good word and the knowledge.

So...that's that. Oh, what's the event we were mentioning at the beginning of this?

Check it out: (Make sure to keep your tongue in cheek like we are)

party people keep asking us to throw a big here it is!

Big Rave

Madison - Milwaukee - Midwest
Saturday September 23, 2000 (that's this coming Saturday!)
all ages - all night - all out

DJ Magic Mike & Jimmy Joslin
Central Florida two by four
Restless/BMG, Royal Productions

DJ Feadz
from the Mr. Oizo Project

Paris, France
F Communications

Michael Dog
London, UK
Megadog, Planet Dog Records

Angel Alanis
Contaminated, Missile, Moody

San Francisco
Phunckateck, Pnuema

Tron - (un)lie-v

Jevon Jackson
Music 101, Mad Bar

Deceptikon Unit

D.V.S. 1
Hush, B.I.A.

Light - Sound - Dimension

illumination: No event is complete without the sensory overload of a good light show. It takes quality programming and the latest gear to make you go wow. Light Fantastik has what it takes and they've been dazzling crowds throughout the Midwest on a consistent basis.

audio: Minneapolis is renowned for its massive walls of sound and the techs at Slamhammer have been upholding the honor with one of the purple city's most ferocious systems. Massive subs and flown mid-highs in surround equals total audio asphyxiation. We will rock you!

video: A new concept in eye candy is coming; one that involves completely saturated walls and a stage full of screens. A mass visual frenzy to tickle your mind in a grand collaboration of some of the arts best - Brain Farmer, Koala Bear, and Lucid.

tickets available day of event only / doors open at 9pm

event information and map point directions call: