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The Second Coming talent schedule and more
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Following is an update for the Second Coming going on New Years Eve at the Alliant Energy Center Halls A/B/C in Madison, Wisconsin brought to you by Drop Bass Network, N'Joy, Eucalyptus, and Intellephunk.

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What follows is the much asked about talent schedule, the directions one more time in case you missed them before, and some other miscellaneous information.


Advance tickets have been selling better than any of the previous seven new years eve events, except for last years event right before our increased capacity announcement. By the time you read this all the advance locations should be out of the 1000 $25 presales that included the free mixtape. Most of them ran out earlier this week! We will continue selling the regular priced advance tickets at all advance locations (check the website for where those are) through Saturday December 30th. State of Mind and Revolutions will also be selling advance tickets the day of the event. Ticketmaster is offering advance tickets only through noon on the 30th.

Even though the current advance price and the door price are the same, there is the advantage of guaranteed admission by purchasing your ticket ahead of time plus you won't have to wait in any ticket purchasing lines at the door. Security, then wham bam, and you're in. Due to our large capacity this year the chances are you won't have to worry about the event selling out. But if it's convenient for you to get your ticket at an advance location then why take the it ahead of time. At the very least try to get to Madison a little early and stop by State of Mind. The turnout at some of the larger scale events this past year proves there's a lot more of us out there raving it up! And there's just no telling how many heads will be in the place on December 31st. All indications are it's going to be a doozy.

One other thing:
Part of our agreement with Dane County was that no tickets will be sold at the door after 3 AM to avoid the problem of bar hopers finding their way to our event after a night of nye drinking. That scene could get ugly quick, so we just want to avoid it. If you are under 18 there is a midnight cutoff for door ticket sales (for curfew reasons). You can stay all night no matter what your age, you just need to be in the doors by those times.

Arrive early to avoid the midnight rush outside and experience the midnight rush inside! The doors to the heated front lobby open at 5:30pm. People can start lining up then. The doors to the Halls open at 6:45pm and the music kicks off at 7:00pm. The event goes from 7:00pm until 6:00am. Afterset will follow that. Dig it?


All right's the schedule:
(the schedule was omitted here in the news and updates to save space)


In case you missed it before, here are the directions to the Alliant Energy Center in Madison, Wisconsin:
(the directions were omitted here in the news and updates to save space)


A few people have been grumbling about our choice of venue this year. The fact of the matter is, both Drop Bass Network and the City of Milwaukee have had enough raving at the Eagles Ballroom. It wasn't even an option this year. So after six previous nye events there it was time to hit the road. We chose the Alliant way back in February. Since that time there have been a number of policy changes at the venue including a higher security presence and an even higher undercover presence. If you're not a drug dealer then you don't have anything to worry about, it's as simple as that.

We have been in discussion with the company we use for security on the issue of their service. They are very good guys and in no way do they want to inhibit the fun or social graces of the event. Safety is the primary concern. Their goal is to be a subtle ally of the patrons by keeping the event free of wrongful activity. And with that in mind no lines will be crossed. You shouldn't expect any problems with the security presence at this event.


On a final note (sorry this has gone on so long!). Those of you who have been following along on the progress of this event know that we were oh so close to having to call it off. The powers that be in Madison had had enough and were ready to cancel. The swift and mature letters of support for drug free events we received saved the day! In fact the support was overwhelming. Against GREAT odds the tide was temporarily turned on the proposed ban on raving in Madison. However, no future events are planned for the Alliant Energy Center at this time. The New Years event is going to be used as a gauge to decide on the future of raving in that venue. This is a huge issue we could go on and on about, but we won't now. Basically we are going to do the best event we can and wait and see what happens. BUT, this also means this event is going to be important for two reasons:
1. It could very well be the LAST EVENT EVER at the Alliant. Would you want to miss the send off of such a legendary venue? And we all know that if this venue falls by the wayside many other legal venues are going to follow suit. Meaning this could very well be one of the last full scale legal events in Wisconsin for some time. And you DEFINITELY wouldn't want to miss that!
2. More importantly it's your chance to help make a difference (again). We are being given the opportunity to prove that this scene really is about the music. With everyone's support we can't help but pull this one off with out a hitch. And from there we can continue taking it to yet another level. So come out and take one for the team!


There's so much more we want to say at this critical juncture in our scenes short history. The times they are a changing. But the chances are you haven't made it down this far so it's time to shut up and dance as they say...

We can't wait to see you all Sunday night at the Second Coming. If you don't make it out we hope you have a great time wherever you go. Party responsibly, but for God's sake party like a rock star. We wouldn't expect anything less from you.

And we'll see you on the other side in the year 2001.

Turn on, Tune in, Drop Bass