news & updates / March 16, 2001


Even Furthur 2000 t-shirt
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Did you go to Even Furthur last year? Did you leave without picking up an event t-shirt? It's kind of like that time in '87 when I left that Motley Crue, Poison, and Ratt "Monsters of Rock" concert so wasted off my ass that I spaced getting a tour shirt. Man, I'm still kicking myself in the ass for that one!

At this years event one of the lame ass vendors (Xanthous cough cough) left a day early with a full box of Even Furthur t-shirts. We only kept a small amount to sell ourselves and ran out of those quick. A lot of people were asking about t-shirts on their way out of the festival and we really could have used that missing box!

Post Even Furthur our Support Squad operatives went into action and finally acquired this missing box. And now we have shirts for those of you who have been asking. But we also realize that you might not have those same warm and fuzzy feelings you had when you were leaving the event thinking "hey I need a shirt". So we are offering a little selling cheap priced shirts!



The front design is a two color low-tech negative outline of the famed Electric Kool-Aid Furthur bus with a background of stars & stripes and the Furthur sign.

The back design is a small two color image from the 1976 KISS U.S. Tour promotional poster with the God's of rock in the famous Spirit of 76 pose. Written over the boy's is this years "Free For All" motto.




Color choices include:

light blue shirt - sizes: XL
dark blue bus with orange background on front, dark blue and white design on back

orange shirt - sizes: XL
dark blue bus with silver background on front, dark blue and white design on back

blue shirt - sizes: XL, XXL
light blue bus with orange background on front, light blue and white design on back

olive shirt - sizes: XL
pea green bus with yellow background on front, pea green and white design on back

khaki shirt - sizes: XL
brown bus with orange background on front, brown and white design on back

All t-shirts are short sleeve heavy duty 100% cotton.

The cost for this event edition t-shirt is only $10.00 which includes shipping and handling. International orders should add $5.00 per t-shirt for shipping. All orders prepaid with cash, check, or money order in U.S. funds.

Note: there is a very limited supply left so if you are interested act right away!

Send your color choice, size, and return ship to address along with payment to:

Drop Bass Network
315 North 8th Street
Milwaukee, WI 53233 USA

ph: (414) 224 - 5343