news & updates / May 11, 2001


New and Improved Library Section
transmission: email/website

After nearly a month of dedicated work we finally revamped the old "media" section of the site and made it the new "library" section.

Updates include:
- divided it into four sections for better organization and easier navigation
- added most of the pictures from the original articles
- three new book chapters (incl. Rave America and Generation Ecstasy)
- new title bars with graphics and links
- all new menu graphics

As a list this doesn't really look or sound like a lot, but it was quite an involved task. Try retyping a whole chapter from a book sucks! We think you'll notice and like all of the changes.

Now many of the articles and information people have been asking for are available online in an easy to navigate format. Furthermore, now that we have the original articles, interviews, books, and mentions updated we can start to add a lot more of the things that have appeared in print over the years concerning Drop Bass Network.

Check it out when you have some free time and check back again sometime in the future for new additions. And remember no talking out loud or hanky panky while your in the library!