news & updates / November 28, 2001


Post Furthur Comments
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(From the Drop Bass Network voicemail.)

Your in touch with the Drop Bass Network. It always seems like we are apologizing for not updating our voicemail enough. These days more people are keeping in touch with what's going on through the internet and because of that the voicemail messages take a lower priority. It's not a good excuse, but that's all we got. Well, that and we procrastinate a lot.

Some of you were upset we didn't wrap things up with a post Even Furthur comment or two. To tell you the truth we weren't sure what we thought right after the event. With some time to think about it we can honestly say that overall we were very happy with the way things turned out. The attendance was great, especially considering we only had three weeks of promotion. The diys and theme camps just flat out rocked. Major props to them for taking it up a notch or two or even three! The talent on the main stage tore it up with some unbelievable and unexpected sets. Most impressive of all, the crowd was totally up for it this year. There were times when things looked like they couldn't get any more chaotic! The scene needed that kick in the ass. The 96 Furthur was magic and we'll probably never achieve that high again, but this year we think most people actually tried to get there one more time.

Despite all the good stuff, there were still a few things that we wished would have been different. Things like someone starting the burning man on fire Saturday afternoon, lots of people trying to sneak in, and of course the general reoccurring problem with vandalism. We just don't get why people would do these things, especially at Furthur. The worst thing though was how people left their campsites. What a ridiculous mess it was! A problem we will take care of one way or another next year.

Another reason we didn't update our message was that after Furthur there was the usual negative press attention that was dragging us down. We didn't want our anger over that to reflect on how we felt about the event. But probably the biggest reason we didn't get to a post event message was plain and simple we were just burned out. This years event was a last minute thing and so much work was crammed into so little time. It's amazing we actually pulled it off. Afterwards some much needed downtime was in order. By the time we came out of it very few people were still calling the line. So it went unchanged.

That is until now. Everyone is looking for information on New Years Eve. We've been doing it since's a tradition, right? Well, we do have an announcement to make and will do so the first week of December. Call back then or check out our website at

So that's it for now. If you want to be put on our mailing list to receive flyers in your mailbox for future Drop Bass Network events leave your name and address speaking slowly, clearly, and spelling everything at the end of this message. If you have comments of your own leave those as well.

And until the first week of December...turn on, tune in, and keep dropin bass.