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Drop Bass Network : New Years Eve
transmission: email (12.04.01) / website


Drop Bass Network
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Dark Side of the Boom

Milwaukee area
New Years Eve
December 31, 2001
8:00 pm to 7:00 am

18 to enter : 21 to drink
identification required
limited capacity : 1500

this is not rave : this is future


Bern, Switzerland
From one of the best and brightest labels in techno comes this fresh young artist. His deep and mental technoscapes impress with sound variety and their own loop-funk style. For mood on the dancefloor look no further.

Los Angeles
Automat, Moontribe
Founding member of the legendary Moontribe Collective, gathering on every full moon in the California desert since 93. Deep hypnotic tribal techno that will make you bark at the moon. The sound of possibilities realized.

San Francisco
Advanced, Renegade, Phuturo
Respected for fierce djing, exclusive dubplate selection, and being one of the first US producers signed by a major UK label. Bringing the notorious West Coast drum and bass sound of the Phunckateck collective.

DJ X-Dream
New York
Caffeine, Topaz
One of the East Coast's most sought after and well-received talents. His seamless mixes of progressive trance are energetic, body moving, mind altering creations that work any crowd into a frenzy.

Mario 'Smokin' Diaz
Hot Mix 5
In the beginning there was jack! Taking you way back to the old school with one of the early members of the Hot Mix 5 dj team that gave dance music a radio outlet. A 2 hour history lesson with a pioneer of the house nation.

Frankie Vega
Blueline, Hot Jams
The Mushgroove o.g. and techno boss making his sixth dbn.nye appearance.

Stunt Rock
Really harsh noisy breaks don't cover up for a lack of talent, or do they?


wisco locals :

Curtis Chip


Chris Ill

The Wobbler


Del G Audio

Dan X

David Prime


synchronicity : non-local, non-linear connections
between all things and places and times

Dark Side of the Rainbow
the Pink Floyd : Wizard of Oz connection

synchronized for a special all night showing
in our mini theater with lasers and stereo sound


Light . Sound . Dimension
heroic banks of bass : Badger Audio . SubKulture
intelli.lite.brite : Light Fantastik . HeadLights
eyegasmic optics : Lucid Visuals . PsychoCandy Labs


$27 : advance and at door
limited to only 1500 tickets
buy advance for guaranteed admission
avoid your disappointment due to sell out
mailorders :

tickets available starting Dec. 7th at:
Revolutions (mwke)
Massive Records (mwke)
State of Mind (mdsn)
Trim (mdsn)

tickets available starting Dec. 10th at:
Appleton Imports (aptn)
Untitled (chgo)
Groove Shop (rkfd)
Vital Vinyl (mpls)


event info : directions day of event
414-454-9836 (milwaukee)
262-548-1888 (madison-mpls)
414-777-3998 (chicago)