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turn on, tune in, droppin' new releases...the wait is over!
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Sneak peek of the outlaw motorcycle club inspired record jackets...heavy metal thunder!
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dj Slip and Rkatek
"Two Lone Gunmen"

side A :
Abe Lincoln Clutching the Flag
JFK's Final Thoughts

side B :
Renegade Rhythms-I Know You Got Soul
Ready, Aim, Liar

Written and produced by dj Slip and Rkatek at the Creation Rebel Studio in Portland, OR.

Release date : late March 2002

After a bit of a hiatus, we're back to show the world once again what the Midwest has to offer. With the return of Drop Bass Network comes a return artist, Troy Geary aka dj Slip. His last release for us was DBN051 "No Satellites Please" and before that he had a track on DBN012 "Midwest Hardcorps EP".

For DBN057 dj Slip gets right to it with pounding techno and acid. Track one on the A side is stomping and creepy sounding. Building mechanical techno served up over gritty acid, with plenty of cool effects thrown in to top it off. Track two is a straight up hardcore drum track, only at a mellower 140 bpm. Lots of repetitive bubbling sounds, voice samples, and abstract patterns keep it interesting along the way.

Flip to the B side for two more stompin' tunes that clock in at 140 bpm. Track one uses a distorted kick drum and heavy tribal percussion to get it's point across. Track two is filled with slammin' kicks and hypnotic quirky sounds that challenge the listener.

dj Slip has produced releases for : Music Man, Kanzleramt, Missile, Electric Music Foundation, Communique, Parotic Music, Blueline, and others.

He also operates his own labels : Creation Rebel and Do Something




"The System"

side A :
The System
Criminal Mind

side B :
The Function of Force
A Time For Change

Written and produced by Mark Verbos at the Simple Answer Studio in Berlin Germany.

Release date: early April 2002

Way back in early '94 an young Milwaukee native submitted a demo to us that was slotted to be DBN007. At the end of the day things ended up not working out. Now eight years and over 50 releases later a new demo ends up in our hands via Germany from that same artist. This one definitely worked out! Good things come to those who wait.

Bangin' to the fourth best describes the music on DBN058. Track one on the A side is good old hard acid with a hypnotic drone. Great stuff. Track two is the beatdown. A hard pounding kick and heavy noisy sounds deliver the damage. Both tracks cruise at 145 bpm.

Track one on the B side uses another strong kick along with multiple acid lines and marching percussion for a more upbeat feel. Track two is the lone duck. Even though the bpm is the same, the vibe is not. An extra deep kick and moody strings make this one big on sound. Great for ending a techno set, or any time really. By the way, it plays in the opposite direction.

Verbos has produced releases for : Planet Rhythm, Djax-Up-Beats, 4X4, ReLoad, Minimalistix, Bpitch Control, Waveform, Nitric, Hyperspace, Creation Rebel, and many others.

He also operates his own label : Simple Answer




dj ESP Woody McBride

side A :

side B :
Monkey's Uncle Mix

Written and produced by dj ESP Woody McBride at Hidden Studios somewhere north of Minneapolis, courtesy of Communique USA.

Release date: early April 2002

A prodigy is defined as a person with exceptional talents or powers...and dj ESP's definitely got both of those. Make no mistake about it, this man is a Midwest techno shaman and Drop Bass Network producing superhero.

For the final of this trio of new releases the tempo gets taken down a notch, but not the intensity. The A side track features some of that classic acid the Midwest is renowned for. With a warm hard kick and grinding 303 bass the songs sample says, "you make me feel so good."

Flip to the B side for an eerie minimal remix of the A side. This time the beautiful female voice sample stands out more. The extra long delaying hats breakdown near the end is simply amazing to listen to.

dj ESP has produced releases for : Tresor, Bush, Ovum, 611, Labworks, Magnetic North, Synewave, EX Records, Analog, Missile, Definitive, Creation Rebel, Blueline, Swell, Contact, and many many others.

He also operates his own labels : Communique USA and it's family of ten electronic music sublabels.