news & updates / April 29, 2002


Back Catalog Update
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Special Note:

With the release of DBN057, 058, and 059 a lot of distributors and stores decided it was a good time to stock up on the old DBN titles. Because of this there has been a significant reduction to our back catalog. Several titles are now out of stock and several more are very close to being out of stock.

Normally we would just repress more of a record when it goes out of stock, but all of the titles before DBN050 were pre 1996 which means the stamper plates are beyond their life span and we have to get new ones made. In some cases we will have to start over from the beginning and remaster them.

We will be repressing these out of stock titles one or two at a time due to the additional expenses. If you are looking for an out of stock title be patient, it could take a while to get back in stock. Unfortunately, we are also going to let a few titles become discontinued which means they will be gone for good. We will decide which ones will become discontinued when it comes to their turn for repressing.

If you were thinking about getting some of the old Drop Bass Network stuff, but were putting it off, then now is probably a good time to do it. As always if you are placing an order you can check to make sure what you want is still in stock by emailing