news & updates / May 02, 2002


Yeee Haw! officially (and unfortunately) canceled
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For Immediate Release
May 2, 2002
Superior, Wisconsin

UWS Yeee Haw! dance event canceled, controversy follows

Drop Bass Network, Genius of Fun, Wrekt Records & the University of Wisconsin-Superior Student Activities Board regret to announce that due to circumstances beyond our control the University of Wisconsin-Superior Dean of Students has canceled "Yeee Haw!" which was to be held Saturday, May 4, 2002, at The UWS Wessman Arena in Superior, Wisconsin.

The reasons we have for the cancellation from the University, which originally approved, endorsed and advertised the event, are that UWS could not insure the safety of the patrons due to staffing, liability issues and an apparent unwillingness of local police to secure the event.

The nature of the event was well known to UWS and local law enforcement during the several months of careful and strategic planning. The cancellation was a shock to all parties involved including the promoters, the arena managers, the students and staff who worked on the event, as well as the Campus Police Department - who we worked closely with to make the event consistent with all concert standards in place at Wessman Arena at UWS.

Public and police pressure advocating a naive, misinformed and demonizing perspective may have also contributed to the UWS decision. It is suggested that "we" are now what the then controversial and profane King of Rock and Roll "Elvis" was to our grandparent's generation. This seems comical but is actually painful as there was great effort and care taken with this event to make it a very safe, positive and fair priced concert for everyone.

We are sorry, as is UWS.

A new genre of music - "Electronica" - has come of age, and despite its great popularity everywhere, this cancellation leaves many disappointed music lovers who will not get their chance to see some of the world's best known and loved DJ talent such as DJ Frankie Bones, DJ ESP, Paul Birken and DJ Doormouse on the famous Wall of Bass soundsystem - all slated for Yeee Haw!.

This cancellation may be an excellent topic of discussion in regard to our civil liberties as American citizens and it is also may be an excellent time to reflect on the nature of the electronic music industry and "Raving" as we know it. The past reputation of "Raving" haunts us. However, professional promoters such as ourselves are working (and in this case "worked") within the law and with conventional festival sites and venues to showcase electronic music in the completely legitimate concert sense.

We are also working to repair the damage of careless ravers and countless fly-by-night promoters who are out for a fast buck throwing misleading and illegitimate events which ultimately make the music you love even harder to be heard. We will keep fighting for this music scene.

But, the bottom line is that this is America and we should have the right to assemble, especially if we are willing to conform to all the standard concert and law enforcement guidelines that were asked of us, as we did in the case of this event. Our rights will often need clarification in a legal setting, as we see happening every day around the country. That is part of being American as well.

Many have suggested that we move the event to another location. Other promoters have moved their events in the past, but often deliver a drastically inferior show from the one originally promised. As tempting as it is for us to relocate "Yeee Haw!", we cannot insure the high quality of event that we have promised you. We have been known over the past 10 years for top quality productions and we have no intention of deviating from that now or at anytime in the future.

Refunds for advanced ticket holders will be available at all ticket outlets less the $1 service charge.

Thank you and happy Spring! Please stay tuned for other outstanding future events.

Kurt Eckes - Drop Bass Network
Woody McBride - Genius of Fun
Robert Wagner - Wrekt Records
Matt Hanson - University of Wisconsin Superior Student Activities Board