news & updates / August 26, 2002


Drop Bass Network records repress
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Many of you on our email news and update list signed up for Drop Bass Network records information. For you we have some news. Actually, we should have sent this out back in June! Time slips away on us...a lot. ;)

To honor our 10 year anniversary as an event promoter, in addition to the Jesus Raves event we wanted to do some special things with the Drop Bass Network record label. The first thing was the "turn on, tune in, drop bass" mix cd of Drop Bass Network tracks mixed by our dj's Rusty Habitz (West Bend, WI) and the Wobbler (Appleton, WI). That project was supposed to be done this summer, but it was more work getting it together than we thought. There are over 300 tracks to choose from in our discography! We're on it though selecting the track list now. Then it will be up to the guys to work their magic on the 1200's and effects. You can expect it to be done this fall.

The other thing we really wanted to do over the coarse of the next year was do one time only re-releases of some of the discontinued Drop Bass Network titles.

In June we repressed...
dbn005 : D.J. REPETE : "Lethal Enforcer"
New York's in da' house. Three cuts from the gut by the gabber enforcer. Fast, strong, and percussive.
A1: Softy Mother Fucker
A2: Lethal Acid
B1: Immortal Kombat

We pressed this one originally in early April 1994. Due to a "creative difference" between us and Repete we let it go out of print and it's been unavailable ever since then. This is the most requested discontinued record in out catalog. And now it's available once again as a one time only limited repressing! If you missed it the first time, don't miss it again. Or if you wore out your original copy here's your chance to replace it. Once these are gone they are gone again for good.

Next up we are repressing...
dbn028 : FRANKIE BONES : "Einstein E = ME + 3squared"
Straight outta Brooklyn, da man lays down mean hardcore law with deep hard stompers of old school PCP style gabba.
A1: Brain Dead
A2: Point Of No Return
B1: Einstein
B2: Move Your Body

This one was originally released in July of 1995. For some reason (we can't remember why?) we let it become discontinued. People are always asking for this one too, but we never felt the need to repress it. Recently a couple of the tracks have appeared on licensed mix cd's and we've gotten more requests for it. So here it is. Again, once these repressings are gone this release will be gone for good.

Sometime this fall we plan to repress...
sss003 : RICHARD DEVINE : "Polymorphic E.P."
Pure industrial techno made from the artist's own sound creations. Reminiscent of the Aphex Twin, but from our side of the pond.
A1: Refractor
A2: Metalloid
B1: Moving Plexor
B2: Nekteric

All of the sixsixtysix stuff was limited to 1000 pressings and when they were gone that was it. But this guys a famous Warp artist now and a lot of people would kill to get their hands on one of his first releases ever. We've seen original copies on ebay for as much as $150 before!

Also, back in stock now...
dbn003 : WOODY McBRIDE : "Bad Acid? No Such Thing" ( 2 X 12" )
dbn023 : R-ZAC 23 : "Base Support / Apocalyptic Heroes" ( 2 X 12" )
dbn038 : SPEED FREAK : "Slaughterhouse Massacre Volume 2"
dbn043 : SOMATIC RESPONSES : "Subspace Distorters"
dbn050 : WOODY McBRIDE / FRANKIE BONES : "Furthur"
dbn052 : LAURA GRABB : "Disk Rubble"
dbn054 : NATURAL BORN SUCKER (feat. Daria Black) : "The Fix"

For ordering info go to here.

New release news:
Drop Bass Network (dbn060 and dbn061) are in the works. Stay tuned for info on those. They should drop in October. It's more of that good old heavy acid stuff with a couple of surprise tracks as well.




Lastly, in case you haven't heard already (but most of you have...) after eight annual years of going Even Furthur with all of our friends from the Midwest and beyond it was with a great amount of disappointment that we had to announce this years techno campout - electric festival - family re*union will not be happening.

You can read the full un-announcement here.