news & updates / April 21, 2003


turn on, tune in, droppin' new releases...DBN060 & 061
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It's time for some more of that Midwest Hardcorps mu:sick.
One is the psychedelic teknival sound from the homeland and the other is good ol' biker acid from the hometown.


R-Zac 23
"Apocalyptic Base Redux"

side A :
Zero (nuttin in m' ed)

side B :
Chill Out In Jamaica

Written and produced by R-Zac 23 back in the day at the Spiral Tribe mobile studio in Vienna Austria.

Release date : early May 2003

By far the most popular record on Drop Bass Network is the R-Zac 23 double 12", DBN023 - "Apocalyptic Heroes / Base Support". The motivation behind that record was to raise funds to help get the Spiral Tribe road crew and soundsytem to the United States for a free party assault over the summers of 1995/96. Mission accomplished.

At the time we received six tracks to possibly release as a triple pack. We just didn't have the funds for such an ambitious project so two of the tracks were left out. One thing led to another, time passed, and we forgot about those two tracks as the DAT sat gathering dust.

To make a long story short...we tracked the guys down in Paris last year to make sure it was still cool to release these two unreleased gems. The world can now hear some more of the magic that occurred in a trailer parked in a Vienna alley during the final days of 1994.

If you know anything about the free party techno sound of R-Zac's music you know what to expect...lengthy, hypnotic, midtempo, never-to-be imitated psychedelic escapes. The A side is reminiscent of the DBN023 tracks, while the B side is more on the chill, dub vibe. We'll let the music speak for itself rather than try to describe this EP.

R-Zac has produced releases under different pseudonyms for :
Rabbit City, Force Inc., Network 23, Expressillon, Trax, and many others.


Michael Wenz
"Decline of Midwestern Civilization"

side A :
Gator Lodge
Defective + Device = Recall

side B :
Bumper Battle
Agony of the Winter Garbage Man

Written and produced by Michael Wenz at the Raving Lunatic Studio just outside of Milwaukee in West Allis, WI.

Release date : early May 2003

The saying goes that sometimes the best things are right under your nose. Such is the case with DBN061 as we found this producer right in the Midwest Hardcorps back yard.

Track one on the A side features a big and deep woofer destroying 145 BPM kick. Low flying gritty acid keeps things moving along while the Terminator gets himself involved in a prank phone call with a cranky motel operator. Track two is a pounding 150 BPM drum track with sounds reminiscent of an old cowboy movie soundtrack. Three quarters of the way through some acid kicks in and the Indians are on the attack!

Flip for the darkness. Track one on the B side reminds us of an old Zekt track. The 145 BPM kick marches on as the mood goes black with evil synths and squelching 303s. Closing out the EP is another 145 BPM track with echoing sounds that give you the feeling you're in a submarine. Look for the atmosphere to get uneasy during the break.

This is Michael Wenz's debut release! His next releases is slotted as DBN066.6 and features a heavy duty acid track with a clever Eminem vocal twist that's funny for techno fans, but probably not so funny for Mr. Mathers. Remixes of this track will also appear produced by ESP Woody McBride (Communique), Stunt Rock (Regret), and J-Slim (Addict). Stay tuned...