news & updates / June 25, 2003


The Prince Of Darkness Drops One From The Depths Of Hell
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Adam X
"Good vs. Evil"

side A :
Aftermath Of Gomorrah

side B :
Death March
Demonic Machinery

Written and produced by Adam X at the Sonic Groove studio in Brooklyn, NY.

Release date : September 02, 2003

After a nearly two year hiatus from producing, techno's Prince of Darkness returns in a big way with his third (and best in our biased opinion) domestic release in just over a month.

Adam X is always taking his sound to the next level, but at the same time staying true to his underground roots. Delving deep into the gloom and doom of urban life, the four tracks on this EP are heavily influenced by electro, industrial, and ebm. Make no mistake about it, these are soundscapes made for huge arenas filled with towering stacks of speakers.

Heavy-duty and dark best describes the music on DBN062. Track one on the A side gets things started with a German robotic voice sample and before you know it distorted broken beats are destroying your speakers. Big sounds abound. Track two continues the journey into darkness with a marching 130 bpm 4/4 drum track that pounds from beginning to end.

Flip if you dare! Track one on the B side is slow and eerie using a 115 bpm broken beat that chugs along with huge evil synths and metallic sounds. Horror flick soundtrack material indeed. Finally, it's damn near sacrilege for a Drop Bass Network record to be released without any trademark 303s and for a grand finale the last track delivers the acid in a big way as Adam's distorted vocals warn you about the machines taking control.

Drop Bass Network and Adam X...a perfect match made somewhere due south of Heaven.

Adam X has produced releases for : Sonic Groove, Things To Come, Instinct, Sativae, Scandinavia, Predicaments, and Direct Drive.

He also heads the label and store : Sonic Groove