news & updates / January 07, 2004


DBN.NYE.ver11 : Obstacle Allusion...Thank You
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On behalf of our entire crew we want to say THANKS to all of you who attended our 11th annual New Year's Eve event...Obstacle Allusion - Turn It Up To 11! here in Milwaukee, Whiskonsinn.

Simply put, we needed another night like that. We had a great time, it seems like most of the people there had a blast, and we hope you did to. We received a lot of excellent feedback both during and since the event. A lot of preparation and perspiration goes into these things we do and it's all worth it when people tell us they got something good out of it. Let us know what you thought. It's cool when we get feedback from the attendees of our events. Of course it's even better when that feedback is positive! But even bad reviews are good to hear, since they help us improve in the future.

So what did we think? Out of the three NYE events we've done at the Modjeska this one was the best. One thing we pride ourselves on is our production value and our ability to look at the event experience as an artistic canvas to place a whole or complete picture. In that regard we felt the mission was accomplished. The music, sound, lights, video, decor, atmosphere, and vibe were all excellent and interacted with one another and with a flow that just worked great. The music especially...we thought things just rocked solid all night long in the main room. There were a few moments where things just seemed as perfect as they've ever seemed at an event...and that doesn't happen much anymore. The other rooms had it going on as well, but we didn't get to check them out as much. What we did see though was fantastic!

One of the most important things to us is our ability to add unique elements to "raving til dawn". If someone left that event not thinking at least one thing just didn't seem right or was weird or something didn't make them think outside the box, then they either missed the chill out room completely or are not provoked by anything! This event had elements that were classic Drop Bass Network and then some.

Was this event the start of something good or the end of an era? Who knows, only time will tell. We'd like to think there's more to come. And with that we'll keep fighting the good fight and keep the dream alive. And we hope you're along for the ride.

All right, enough of the gobbley gook...

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So that's that. Have a great '04 and hopefully we'll see you all sometime soon enough.

Until then...turn on, tune in, and keep droppin bass.