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Turn On, Tune In, Droppin' More Biker Acid Mu:sick...DBN063 & 064
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side A :
The Beat Down
The Beat Down (instrumental)

Written/produced by dj ESP Woody McBride, with vocals by MC Brace, at Hidden Studios somewhere north of Minneapolis, courtesy of Communique USA.

side B :
The Pitch of Madness
Civil Disobedience

Written/produced by Jon Frank at the Bounty Recordings studio in Minneapolis.

Release date : week of March 15th, 2004

DBN063 starts the new year off for Drop Bass Network with a split EP from a pair of Midwestern producers; one a DBN veteran, the other a DBN newcomer.

The A side is the veteran...Woody McBride. He delivers the goods for DBN, as always, with classic dj ESP style. On the first track a deep 140 BPM kick bumps along to a cool little acid line and a catchy vocal loop that will get in your head and stay. Track two is an instrumental (with the emphasis on mental!) version of the first, for those times when you don't want the vocals in the mix.

The B side is the newcomer...Jon Frank. Track one uses a hard 140 BPM kick and acid on the trancier side of the spectrum. Guiding the way is a repeating vocal sample reminiscent of something from the days when Front 242 ruled the dancefloor. The tempo is taken down to 130 BPM on track two for an old school acid workout. Mmmmm! Once again a vocal sample makes you "feel connected".

Woody McBride has produced releases for : Plus 8, Tresor, Bush, Ovum, 611, Labworks, Magnetic North, Synewave, EX Records, Analog, Missile, Definitive, Creation Rebel, Blueline, Swell, Contact, and many many others.

He also operates his own family of labels : Communique USA



side A :
Michael Wenz - "Nobody Listens to Techno?"
J-Slim - "Listen (Bloodshot Pyramid Radio Remix)"

side B :
Woody McBride - "Oh Really?"
Stunt Rock - "I Don’t Think I’m The Right Person To Ask That Question To, Or That My Opinion Is Relevant Either Way."

Written and produced by the Midwest Hardcorps in the Midwest USA of course.

Release date : week of March 15th, 2004

What started out as a single track that we really wanted to release, turned into a remix project, and finally ended up being the third installment of our Midwest Hardcorps series that features favored Midwest artists.

Hot off the heals of his first ever release (DBN061), the local Wenz got the ball rolling when he dropped off this smoking parody of Eminem's "Without Me". A heavy 145 BPM kick, repeating scratch samples, and grinding acid get things started. After a long spacey breakdown the vocals come in and are cleverly changed to suggest we "just listen to techno". Before you know it the 303s are put into high gear for some wicked acid techno that rocks hard to the end.

Our own Woody McBride delivers the knock out one-two punch on this release. Track one on the B side is banging straight up techno from start to finish with the repeating "nobody listens to techno" sample. Overly ironic isn't it?

The second tracks on both sides are by underexposed Addict Records artists who bring the goods in true Midwest Hardcorps style. On the A side local scratch dj extraordinare J-Slim strips things down to a broken beat, a bassline, and dark sounds for a heavy vibe. You can't help but smirk at the cut up vocals.

Closing out the EP on the B side is the one and only Stunt Rock. His IDM mash up takes comic effect and ridicule to the next level. Loud, aggressive, noisy, and all over the map is the only way to adequately describe the sound. Play at your own risk. Note: music like this is the reason we're so screwed up around here.