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DBN065 and DBN066.6...One For Folly and One For Fury
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"The Belgium Cell - Vol. 1"

Side A :
"Theme for 80s Trauma (Valyom vs Dreamer)"
"Tap dans"

Side B :
"Techno RmT"
"Riders (thx to Professor x Studios Knokke)"

Written and produced by Filip Vandriess aka Valyom (was also alias Valium and Vdd-Energise) at UFO Attic Studios in Belgium.

Release date : late July, 2004

It's as good of a time as any to change things up a bit and drop a new record that's a little different from what we're more known for.

Renowned the world over for his International Deejay Gigolos releases, our old friend Valyom explores the prison inside his mind with an ep that in his reality is a doctor prescribed treatment plan. Or so he says...

First up on the A side his anger management issues are dealt with. A pumping 130 bpm kick drives the dark sounds lurking about. Valyom's vocals (his first use of them on vinyl) give the track an industrial/ebm vibe. Turn it up...louder! The second cut is extra heavy on the percussion with hand claps and a tap dancing kick that turns the track into tracky. Ok, time for your meds Mr. Valyom.

The B side delves in deeper on the first cut with a stuttering 135 bpm bass kick and repetitive psychotic sounds. It seems he really is crazy afterall! Lastly, any deranged person worth their straightjacket has flashbacks. The evidence is in an electronic version of a Door's classic best described as quirky and fun. Valyom's not checking out anytime soon...stay tuned for vol. 2 from the cell.

Valyom has also produced releases for : Gigolo, Teknotika (Submerge), Tech-Nology, Re-load, Drought (Sativae), UFO, and Future Galactic

He also operates his own Belgium based label : Radar Music


Delta 9
"Night Stalker"

Side A :
"Night Stalker"
"Dog Soldiers"

Side B :

Written and produced by Dave Rodgers aka Delta 9 at Deep 13 in Chicago, IL.

Release date : late July, 2004

Before you even put the needle on the record brace yourself for brutality. We're feeling adventurous and taking on the hardcore. Have we lost our minds? Hell no! (...emphasis on hell.) Out of respect for the dark side we couldn't let DBN066 be just any ol' release. So we tossed on another 6 and contacted the artist we knew would do it up right. Delta 9 has done some classic hardcore music for us in the past and it was the perfect time to drag the beast out again.

He calls it a concept album, but considering the subject matter it's probably better that we don't get it. On the A side there's two drum tracks...hard and harder. Harder is first with 150 bpm of eq working distortion that is aggressive in every way possible. Track two tones things down a bit to the hard level, but it's by no means timid. There's some great sounds and effects on this one.

Flip to the B side and stand back. The shit just hit the fan and the fan is going over 200 bpm. Track one uses a vocal sample from Hate Tank (DBN024) and a heavy dose of noise. Track two turns the speed up a notch (or three) and takes the intensity level with it. Finishing the ep off is an experimental noise jam that might help you chill out...if you have horns and a tail! Mama don't let your babies grow up to be hardcore!

Delta 9 has also produced releases for : Industrial Strength, Shadowlands, Epiteth, Earache, SixSixtySix, D-Boy, and Underground Construction

He also operates his own USA based hardcore/gabber label : Psychotik


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